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Eclipse RSE Development Guide
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Release 3.0

Package org.eclipse.rse.ui.widgets

Interface Summary
IInheritableEntryFieldStateChangeListener Any listener that wants to be notified of state changes to the inheritable entry field widget must implement this interface.
IServerLauncherForm An interface implemented by server launchers in order to prompt for the properties of that server launcher.
ISystemAddListener This is an interface used by the AS400SelectFieldForm, AS400SelectFieldDialog and AS400SelectFieldAction classes to enable the caller to be informed when the user presses the Add button for the selected field.
ISystemCollapsableSectionListener Listener for collapse / expand events on the SystemCollapsableSection widget.
ISystemCombo We have a number of composite widgets that include a combo-box.

Class Summary
EnvironmentVariablesForm Preference page which allows the user to manage persisted environment variables for an RSE connection.
GridUtil A utility class to create convenient grid data objects.
InheritableEntryField This is an entry which allows the user to decide whether to inherit a parent value or type in his own local value.
InheritButton An InheritButton is a specialized control that wraps a push button control with two states: "inherit" and "local".
InheritControl Deprecated.   
RemoteBaseServerLauncherForm Base Remote server launcher form.
RemoteServerLauncherForm Comment goes here
SystemCollapsableSection Class to provide a collapsible composite that can be collapsed to hide some controls
SystemEditPaneStateMachine This class encapsulates the states an edit page (with apply/reset buttons) can go through and handle managing the state transitions.
SystemHistoryCombo This re-usable widget is for a combox box that persists its history and allows the user to manipulate that history.
SystemHostCombo This re-usable widget is for selecting a connection from the master list of connections.
SystemPortPrompt A composite encapsulating the GUI widgets for prompting for a port.

Release 3.0

Copyright (c) IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire