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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Uses of Interface

Packages that use IDisposable Provides support for finding and displaying the differences between hierarchically structured data. 
org.eclipse.ui.commands Provides support for retrieving information on Commands from the workbench. 
org.eclipse.ui.contexts Provides support for integrating contexts into the Eclipse workbench. 
org.eclipse.ui.handlers Provides support for integrating handlers into the Eclipse workbench. 
org.eclipse.ui.keys Provides support for integrating keys into the Eclipse workbench. 
org.eclipse.ui.menus Provides the public API and default implementation for contributing menu and toolbars to the menu service. 
org.eclipse.ui.navigator Provides the Common Navigator framework. Classes for service support. 

Uses of IDisposable in

Classes in that implement IDisposable
 class StructureRootNode
          A node that acts as the root of the tree returned from a StructureCreator.

Uses of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.commands

Subinterfaces of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.commands
 interface ICommandImageService
           Provides a look-up facility for images associated with commands.
 interface ICommandService
           Provides services related to the command architecture within the workbench.

Uses of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.contexts

Subinterfaces of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.contexts
 interface IContextService
           Provides services related to contexts in the Eclipse workbench.

Uses of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.handlers

Subinterfaces of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.handlers
 interface IHandlerService
           Provides services related to activating and deactivating handlers within the workbench.

Uses of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.keys

Subinterfaces of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.keys
 interface IBindingService
           Provides services related to the binding architecture (e.g., keyboard shortcuts) within the workbench.

Uses of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.menus

Subinterfaces of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.menus
 interface IMenuService
           Provides services related to the menu architecture within the workbench.

Uses of IDisposable in org.eclipse.ui.navigator

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.navigator that implement IDisposable
 class SaveablesProvider
          Provides Saveable objects to the common navigator, and allows to map between elements in the tree and models.

Uses of IDisposable in

Subinterfaces of IDisposable in
 interface IEvaluationService
          Evaluate a core expression against the workbench application context and report updates using a Boolean property.
 interface IServiceWithSources
           A service that responds to changes in one or more sources.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire