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Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Uses of Class

Packages that use BaseLabelProvider
org.eclipse.debug.ui Provides a generic debugger user interface that clients may customize via standard workbench extension points. 
org.eclipse.jface.databinding.viewers Provides classes that can be used to observe the JFace Viewer framework. 
org.eclipse.jface.preference Provides a framework for preferences. 
org.eclipse.jface.viewers Provides a framework for viewers, which are model-based content adapters for SWT widgets. 
org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring.history Application programming interface to display and preview refactoring history information. 
org.eclipse.ui.dialogs Classes for standard dialogs, wizards, and preference pages in the Eclipse Platform User Interface. 
org.eclipse.ui.model Provides a workbench adapter for displaying workbench elements in the UI without having to know the concrete type of the element, and various label providers for workbench-specific objects like editors, views, and perspectives. Provides the standard Property Sheet view which displays custom properties of the active workbench part's current selection. 

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.debug.ui

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.debug.ui
 class EnvironmentTab.EnvironmentVariableLabelProvider
          Label provider for the environment table

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.jface.databinding.viewers

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.jface.databinding.viewers
 class ObservableMapCellLabelProvider
          A label provider based on one or more observable maps that track attributes that this label provider uses for display.
 class ObservableMapLabelProvider
          A label provider based on one or more observable maps that track attributes that this label provider uses for display.

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.jface.preference

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.jface.preference
 class PreferenceLabelProvider
          Provides labels for IPreferenceNode objects.

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.jface.viewers

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.jface.viewers
 class CellLabelProvider
          The CellLabelProvider is an abstract implementation of a label provider for structured viewers.
 class ColumnLabelProvider
          The ColumnLabelProvider is the label provider for viewers that have column support such as TreeViewer and TableViewer This classes is intended to be subclassed
 class DecoratingLabelProvider
          A decorating label provider is a label provider which combines a nested label provider and an optional decorator.
 class DecoratingStyledCellLabelProvider
          A DecoratingStyledCellLabelProvider is a DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider that uses a nested DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider.IStyledLabelProvider to compute styled text label and image and takes a ILabelDecorator to decorate the label.
 class DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider
          A DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider is a StyledCellLabelProvider that delegates requests for the styled string and the image to a DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider.IStyledLabelProvider.
 class LabelProvider
          A label provider implementation which, by default, uses an element's toString value for its text and null for its image.
 class NamedHandleObjectLabelProvider
          A label provider for instances of NamedHandlerObject, which exposes the name as the label.
 class OwnerDrawLabelProvider
          OwnerDrawLabelProvider is an abstract implementation of a label provider that handles custom draw.
 class StyledCellLabelProvider
          A StyledCellLabelProvider supports styled labels by using owner draw.
 class TreeColumnViewerLabelProvider
          TreeViewerLabelProvider is the ViewerLabelProvider that handles TreePaths.

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring.history

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring.history
 class RefactoringHistoryLabelProvider
          Label provider to display a refactoring history.

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.ui.dialogs

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.ui.dialogs
 class FileEditorMappingLabelProvider
          A label provider for displaying of IFileEditorMapping objects in viewers.

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.ui.model

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in org.eclipse.ui.model
 class PerspectiveLabelProvider
          A table label provider implementation for showing workbench perspectives (objects of type IPerspectiveDescriptor) in table- and tree-structured viewers.
 class WorkbenchLabelProvider
          Provides basic labels for adaptable objects that have the IWorkbenchAdapter adapter associated with them.
 class WorkbenchPartLabelProvider
          A table label provider implementation for showing workbench views and editors (objects of type IWorkbenchPart) in tree- and table-structured viewers.

Uses of BaseLabelProvider in

Subclasses of BaseLabelProvider in
 class ComboBoxLabelProvider
          An ILabelProvider that assists in rendering labels for ComboBoxPropertyDescriptors.
 class PropertyColumnLabelProvider
          A column label provider that returns label text and images based on a IPropertySourceProvider, forwarding requests for text and image to the label provider returned from the property descriptor for the given property id.

Eclipse Platform
Release 3.5

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire