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Eclipse Draw2d

Uses of Interface

Packages that use LayoutManager
org.eclipse.draw2d Primary package containing general interfaces and implementation classes. 
org.eclipse.draw2d.text Figures and support classes related to the layout and rendering of rich text. 

Uses of LayoutManager in org.eclipse.draw2d

Classes in org.eclipse.draw2d that implement LayoutManager
 class AbstractHintLayout
          The foundation for layout managers which are sensitive to width and/or height hints.
 class AbstractLayout
          Provides generic support for LayoutManagers.
 class BorderLayout
 class DelegatingLayout
          Figures using a DelegatingLayout as their layout manager give location responsibilities to their children.
 class FlowLayout
          Lays out children in rows or columns, wrapping when the current row/column is filled.
 class FreeformLayout
          A layout for FreeformFigures.
 class GridLayout
          Lays out children into a Grid arrangement in which overall aligment and spacing can be configured, as well as specfic layout requirements for the each individual member of the GridLayout.
 class ScrollBarLayout
          Lays out the Figures that make up a ScrollBar.
 class ScrollPaneLayout
          The ScrollPaneLayout is responsible for laying out the Viewport and ScrollBars of a ScrollPane.
 class StackLayout
          Figures using the StackLayout as their layout manager have their children placed on top of one another.
 class ToolbarLayout
          Arranges figures in a single row or column.
 class ViewportLayout
          Layout for a viewport.
 class XYLayout
          This class implements the LayoutManager interface using the XY Layout algorithm.

Methods in org.eclipse.draw2d that return LayoutManager
  LayoutManager IFigure. getLayoutManager ()
          Returns the current LayoutManager by reference.
  LayoutManager Figure. getLayoutManager ()

Methods in org.eclipse.draw2d with parameters of type LayoutManager
 void IFigure. setLayoutManager ( LayoutManager lm)
          Sets the LayoutManager.
 void Figure. setLayoutManager ( LayoutManager manager)

Uses of LayoutManager in org.eclipse.draw2d.text

Classes in org.eclipse.draw2d.text that implement LayoutManager
 class BlockFlowLayout
          The layout for BlockFlow figures.
 class FlowContainerLayout
          A layout for FlowFigures with children.
 class FlowFigureLayout
          A LayoutManager for use with FlowFigure.
 class InlineFlowLayout
          The layout manager for InlineFlow figures.
 class PageFlowLayout
          A block layout which requires no FlowContext to perform its layout.
 class ParagraphTextLayout
          The layout for TextFlow.
 class SimpleTextLayout
 class TextLayout

Eclipse Draw2d

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire