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Eclipse GEF and Draw2d Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Draw2d

Package org.eclipse.draw2d.text

Figures and support classes related to the layout and rendering of rich text.


Interface Summary
FlowBorder Experimental API.
FlowContext The context that a FlowFigureLayout uses to perform its layout.

Class Summary
AbstractFlowBorder A basis for implementing FlowBorder.
BidiInfo This class is for INTERNAL use only.
BidiProcessor A helper class for a BlockFlow that does Bidi evaluation of all the text in that block.
BlockBox A CompositeBox suitable for containing multiple LineBox fragments.
BlockFlow A FlowFigure represented by a single BlockBox containing one or more lines.
BlockFlowLayout The layout for BlockFlow figures.
CaretInfo Stores positional information about where a caret should be placed.
CompositeBox A FlowBox that can contain other FlowBoxes.
ContentBox FlowBoxes that are leaf nodes.
FlowAdapter Adapts non-flow figures for use within a parent hierarchy requiring flow figures.
FlowBox A Geometric object for representing a region on a line of Text.
FlowContainerLayout A layout for FlowFigures with children.
FlowFigure The base implementation for text flow figures.
FlowFigureLayout A LayoutManager for use with FlowFigure.
FlowPage The root of a Flow hierarchy.
FlowUtilities Utility class for FlowFigures.
InlineFlow A FlowFigure represented by multiple LineBox fragments.
InlineFlowLayout The layout manager for InlineFlow figures.
LineRoot LineRoot is the top-most container on a line of text displayed in Draw2d.
PageFlowLayout A block layout which requires no FlowContext to perform its layout.
ParagraphTextLayout The layout for TextFlow.
TextFlow An inline flow figure that renders a string of text across one or more lines.
TextFragmentBox A Geometric object for representing a TextFragment region on a line of Text.

Package org.eclipse.draw2d.text Description

Figures and support classes related to the layout and rendering of rich text.

Eclipse Draw2d

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire