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Eclipse RSE Development Guide
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Release 3.0

Package org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystems

Interface Summary
ICacheManager Interface for a cache manager that can optionally associated with a SubSystem.
ICommunicationsListener ICommunicationsListener - listen to communication events
IConnectorService A connector service provides the means of establishing a connection from a subsystem (or a number of subsystems) to a target system (a host).
IConnectorServiceManager Connector Service Manager Interface.
ICredentialsProvider A credentials provider provides credentials to a connector service.
IDelegatingConnectorService A delegating connector service forwards all requests for information to another connector service.
IFileConstants Constants used in the remote file system support.
IRemoteLineReference This interface represents an object that can be used to jump into line in source
IRemoteObjectIdentifier Interface that remote objects must implement in order to be identifiable for drag and drop, clipboard support, and finding multiple occurrences of the same remote object in different contexts in the SystemView.
IRemoteObjectResolver Interface for resolving an object in a subsystem from a unique ID.
IRemotePropertyHolder This interface should be implemented by any remote artifact that contains remote properties and (optionally) caches them.
IRemoteServerLauncher This is the implementation of IServerLauncherProperties.
IServerLauncher This interface captures the abstract lifecyle for launching the remote server, and subsequently connecting to it.
IServerLauncherProperties Implement this interface to provide peristable properties for server launching All properties to be persisted to be are stored and restored from associated IPropertySets
ISubSystem Interface implemented by SubSystem objects.
ISubSystemConfiguration Subsystem Configuration interface.
ISubSystemConfigurationProxy Interface to SubSystemConfigurationExtension class Internal use, not likely you will ever need to use it or access it directly.
ISystemRemoteObjectMatchProvider This interface is designed to allow remote property pages to be registered against specific remote system objects of specific name, type or subtype.
RemoteServerLauncherConstants This interface defines constants for the Remote Server Launcher.

Class Summary
AbstractConnectorService This is a base class to make it easier to create connector services.
AbstractConnectorServiceManager This class is only needed if you need/want to support multiple subsystems and want them to share a single IConnectorService object per connection.
AbstractCredentialsProvider The AbstractCredentialsProvider provides the base implementation of the ICredentialsProvider interface.
AbstractResource This class can be used as the base class for model objects that represent remote resources returned from the subsystem via resolveFilterStrings.
AuthenticatingConnectorService An authenticating connector service understands the concept of credentials (see ICredentials) and possibly the concepts of user id and password.
BasicConnectorService A basic connector service is one that does not require any type of authentication to connect to its target system.
RemoteChildrenContentsType Represents contents that are children of a container
RemoteServerLauncher This subclass of IServerLauncherProperties is for use by some dstore-based subsystems, although is possibly of value to vendors as well.
ServerLauncher Abstract class intended to be extended to provide a means for starting a remote server from the client.
ServerLaunchType Server Launch Type Enum type.
SubSystem This class is designed to be subclassed.
SubSystem.DisplayErrorMessageJob Nested class which extends WorkbenchJob to allow us to show an error message, which is a GUI operation, from a non-GUI thread.
SubSystemConfiguration Abstract base class for subsystem configuration extension points.
SubSystemHelpers Static helper methods for subsystems.

Release 3.0

Copyright (c) IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire