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Eclipse GMF Guide
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Package org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.draw2d.ui.figures

Provides a set of classes that extend from the org.eclipse.draw2d hierarchies for rendering, geometric manipulation and layout of figures on the drawing surface.


Interface Summary
IAnchorableFigure Interface class for figures that are anchorable to other figures.
IBorderItemLocator Controls the location of border items around another figure.
OrthogonalConnectionAnchor The interface allows to specify connection anchor location for a connection routed with Orthogonal connection routers.

Class Summary
BaseSlidableAnchor Provides the implementation of Slidable anchor
ConstrainedToolbarLayout An extended toolbar layout that supports the following additional features: 1- The ability to stretch the major axis 2- The ability to reverse the children in layout 3- The ability to ignore invisible children 4- The ability to set ratio constraints on children (in major axis)
FigureUtilities A set of methods that are useful when manipulating figures.
GravityDirectionType An enumeration of Gravity Direction types.
HashedCircle A circle figure with hashed lines.
HashedCircle.HashType An enumeration describing the hash lines inside the circle.
LabelEx GEF's Label extended for use in GMF with mapping mode support and the following additional features: Provides selection and focus feedback.
OneLineBorder This is a border that only draws a line at one position around the shape based on a position constant.
PolylineConnectionEx This is an extension of the PolylineConnection class to support avoid obstructions, smoothness and jump-links behavior.
RoundedRectangleBorder Extends LineBorder to replace rectangular border with rounded rectangle.
WrapLabel Deprecated. This class has been deprecated and may be removed in the future.
WrappingLabel An extended label that has the following extra features:

Package org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.draw2d.ui.figures Description

Provides a set of classes that extend from the org.eclipse.draw2d hierarchies for rendering, geometric manipulation and layout of figures on the drawing surface.

These classes can be used when constructing your figures for display. They are pure draw2d extensions have no dependencies into org.eclipse.gef.


Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) IBM Corp., Borland Software Corp., and others 2005,2006. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire