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Eclipse Draw2d

Uses of Class

Packages that use Graphics
org.eclipse.draw2d Primary package containing general interfaces and implementation classes. This package contains some complex parts used with Draw2d. 
org.eclipse.draw2d.text Figures and support classes related to the layout and rendering of rich text. 

Uses of Graphics in org.eclipse.draw2d

Subclasses of Graphics in org.eclipse.draw2d
 class PrinterGraphics
          A scalable graphics object used to print to a printer.
 class ScaledGraphics
          A Graphics object able to scale all operations based on the current scale factor.
 class SWTGraphics
          A concrete implementation of Graphics using an SWT GC.

Methods in org.eclipse.draw2d that return Graphics
  Graphics NativeGraphicsSource. getGraphics ( Rectangle r)
          Always returns null, because
  Graphics GraphicsSource. getGraphics ( Rectangle region)
          Returns a Graphics for the rectangular region requested.
protected   Graphics DeferredUpdateManager. getGraphics ( Rectangle region)
          Returns a Graphics object for the given region.

Methods in org.eclipse.draw2d with parameters of type Graphics
protected  void Viewport. paintClientArea ( Graphics g)
protected  void Triangle. fillShape ( Graphics g)
protected  void Triangle. outlineShape ( Graphics g)
protected  void ToggleButton. paintFigure ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void ToggleButton. fillCheckeredRectangle ( Graphics graphics)
          Draws a checkered pattern to emulate a toggle button that is in the selected state.
 void TitleBarBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics g, Insets insets)
 void SimpleEtchedBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics g, Insets insets)
protected abstract  void Shape. fillShape ( Graphics graphics)
          Fills the interior of the shape with the background color.
protected abstract  void Shape. outlineShape ( Graphics graphics)
          Outlines this shape using the foreground color.
 void Shape. paintFigure ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints the shape.
 void SchemeBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics g, Insets insets)
protected  void SchemeBorder. paint ( Graphics graphics, IFigure fig, Insets insets, Color[] tl, Color[] br)
          Paints the border using the information in the set Scheme and the inputs given.
protected  void ScalablePolygonShape. fillShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void ScalablePolygonShape. outlineShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void ScalableLayeredPane. paintClientArea ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void ScalableFreeformLayeredPane. paintClientArea ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void RoundedRectangle. fillShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void RoundedRectangle. outlineShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void RectangleFigure. fillShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void RectangleFigure. outlineShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void PrintFigureOperation. setupPrinterGraphicsFor ( Graphics graphics, IFigure figure)
          Sets up Graphics object for the given IFigure.
protected  void PolylineShape. fillShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void PolylineShape. outlineShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void Polyline. fillShape ( Graphics g)
          Null implementation for a line.
protected  void Polyline. outlineShape ( Graphics g)
protected  void PolygonShape. fillShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void PolygonShape. outlineShape ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void Polygon. fillShape ( Graphics g)
          Fill the Polygon with the background color set by g.
protected  void Polygon. outlineShape ( Graphics g)
          Draw the outline of the Polygon.
 void MarginBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
          This method does nothing, since this border is just for spacing.
 void LineBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
protected  void Label. paintFigure ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void ImageFigure. paintFigure ( Graphics graphics)
 void IFigure. paint ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints this IFigure and its children.
 void GroupBoxBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics g, Insets insets)
 void FocusBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
          Paints a focus rectangle.
static void FigureUtilities. paintEtchedBorder ( Graphics g, Rectangle r, Color shadow, Color highlight)
          Paints a border with an etching effect, having a shadow of Color shadow and highlight of Color highlight.
static void FigureUtilities. paintGrid ( Graphics g, IFigure f, Point origin, int distanceX, int distanceY)
          Helper method to paint a grid.
static void FigureUtilities. paintEtchedBorder ( Graphics g, Rectangle r)
          Paints a border with an etching effect, having a shadow of a darker version of g's background color, and a highlight a lighter version of g's background color.
 void Figure. paint ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints this Figure and its children.
protected  void Figure. paintBorder ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints the border associated with this Figure, if one exists.
protected  void Figure. paintChildren ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints this Figure's children.
protected  void Figure. paintClientArea ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints this Figure's client area.
protected  void Figure. paintFigure ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints this Figure's primary representation, or background.
protected  void Ellipse. fillShape ( Graphics graphics)
          Fills the ellipse.
protected  void Ellipse. outlineShape ( Graphics graphics)
          Outlines the ellipse.
protected  void DeferredUpdateManager. releaseGraphics ( Graphics graphics)
          Releases the graphics object, which causes the GraphicsSource to flush.
 void ConnectionLayer. paint ( Graphics graphics)
 void CompoundBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics g, Insets insets)
protected  void Clickable. paintBorder ( Graphics graphics)
          If this Clickable has focus, this method paints a focus rectangle.
protected  void Clickable. paintClientArea ( Graphics graphics)
          Paints the area of this figure excluded by the borders.
 void ButtonBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
          Paints this border with the help of the set scheme, the model of the clickable figure, and other inputs.
 void Border. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
          Paints the border.
 void AbstractBackground. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
          Paints the border. The border should paint inside figure's IFigure.getBounds(), inset by the parameter insets. The border generally should not paint inside its own insets. More specifically, Border b should paint inside the rectangle: figure.getBounds().getCropped(insets) and outside of the rectangle: figure.getBounds().getCropped(insets).getCropped(getInsets()) where inside is defined as Rectangle.contains(int, int). By default, this method is stubbed out for backgrounds which only paint underneath a figure.
 void AbstractBackground. paintBackground ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
          Called when this Background should paint.

Constructors in org.eclipse.draw2d with parameters of type Graphics
ScaledGraphics ( Graphics g)
          Constructs a new ScaledGraphics based on the given Graphics object.
PrinterGraphics ( Graphics g, Printer p)
          Creates a new PrinterGraphics with Graphics g, using Printer p

Uses of Graphics in

Methods in with parameters of type Graphics
protected  void Thumbnail. paintFigure ( Graphics graphics)

Uses of Graphics in org.eclipse.draw2d.text

Methods in org.eclipse.draw2d.text with parameters of type Graphics
protected  void TextFlow. paintFigure ( Graphics g)
protected  void TextFlow. paintSelection ( Graphics graphics)
protected  void TextFlow. paintText ( Graphics g, java.lang.String draw, int x, int y, int bidiLevel)
protected  void InlineFlow. paintBorder ( Graphics graphics)
          Overridden to paint a FlowBorder if present, and draw selection.
protected  void InlineFlow. paintSelection ( Graphics graphics)
          Renders the XOR selection rectangles to the graphics.
 void FlowBorder. paint ( FlowFigure figure, Graphics g, Rectangle where, int sides)
          Paints the border around the given box location.
 void BlockFlow. paintBorder ( Graphics graphics)
 void AbstractFlowBorder. paint ( IFigure figure, Graphics graphics, Insets insets)
          This method is not called on FlowBorders.
 void AbstractFlowBorder. paint ( FlowFigure figure, Graphics g, Rectangle where, int sides)
          Subclasses should override this method to paint each box's border.

Eclipse Draw2d

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire