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Eclipse GMF Guide
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Package org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.common.core.command

Provides a set of classes for executing, undoing and redoing units of work, known as Commands.


Interface Summary
FileModificationValidator.ISyncExecHelper This interface works in conjuction with the FileModificationValidator.ISyncExecHelper to bridge entities knowing of UI and those with knowledge of editing domains.
ICommand A self-composing undoable operation that has a CommandResult and a list of affected IFiles.
ICompositeCommand A self-composing undoable operation that is has a CommandResult, a list of affected IFiles, and is composed of child operations.
IModificationValidator A validator responsible for doing the actual validation on files.

Class Summary
AbstractCommand An abstract superclass for GMF IUndoableOperations that do not modify EMF model resources.
CommandResult The result of a command execution.
CompositeCommand An undoable command that is composed of child IUndoableOperations that are not known to modify EMF model resources, but can contain model-affecting children.
FileModificationValidator Static utility that approves the modification of files using an IModificationValidator.
FileModificationValidator.SyncExecHelper Utility class that is used to bridge those entities that have knowledge of UI and those that have knowledge of editing domains.
IdentityCommand A command that is always executable, undoable and redoable, but does nothing.
OneTimeCommand A command does its work once, and can never be undone or redone.
UnexecutableCommand A command that cannot be executed.

Package org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.common.core.command Description

Provides a set of classes for executing, undoing and redoing units of work, known as Commands.

Extends the Eclipse undoable operations framework with the following behaviour:

  • self-composing operations
  • return results from operations
  • file modification approval for operations
  • Commands should be executed, undone and redone through an instance of the IOperationHistory.


    Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

    Copyright (c) IBM Corp., Borland Software Corp., and others 2005,2006. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire