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Eclipse GEF and Draw2d Plug-in Developer Guide
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Eclipse Draw2d

Package org.eclipse.draw2d.graph

Stand-alone algorithms related to Graph Drawing.


Class Summary
CompoundDirectedGraph A DirectedGraph whose Nodes may be compound Subgraphs, which may contain other nodes.
CompoundDirectedGraphLayout Performs a graph layout on a CompoundDirectedGraph.
DirectedGraph A graph consisting of nodes and directed edges.
DirectedGraphLayout Performs a graph layout of a DirectedGraph.
Edge A directed Edge joining a source and target Node.
EdgeList A list of Edges.
Node A node in a DirectedGraph.
NodeList A list containing nodes.
Path A Path representation for the ShortestPathRouting.
Rank For Internal Use only.
RankList For internal use only.
ShortestPathRouter Bends a collection of Paths around rectangular obstacles.
Subgraph A Node which may contain other nodes.
VirtualNode Deprecated. virtual nodes of an edge should be cast to Node.

Package org.eclipse.draw2d.graph Description

Stand-alone algorithms related to Graph Drawing.

Eclipse Draw2d

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire