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Eclipse Draw2d

Class CompoundDirectedGraphLayout

  extended by

      extended by

public final class CompoundDirectedGraphLayout
extends DirectedGraphLayout

Performs a graph layout on a CompoundDirectedGraph. The input format is the same as for DirectedGraphLayout. All nodes, including subgraphs and their children, should be added to the DirectedGraph.nodes field.

The requirements for this algorithm are the same as those of DirectedGraphLayout, with the following exceptions:

  • There is an implied edge between a subgraph and each of its member nodes. These edges form the containment graph T. Thus, the compound directed graph CG is said to be connected iff Union(G, T) is connected, where G represents the given nodes (including subgraphs) and edges.
  • This algorithm will remove any compound cycles found in the input graph G by inverting edges according to a heuristic until no more cycles are found. A compound cycle is defined as: a cycle comprised of edges from G, T, and T-1 , in the form (c*e+p*e+)*, where T-1 is the backwards graph of T, c element of T, e element of G, and p element of T-1.


Constructor Summary
CompoundDirectedGraphLayout ()
Methods inherited from class org.eclipse.draw2d.graph. DirectedGraphLayout
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Constructor Detail


public CompoundDirectedGraphLayout()

Eclipse Draw2d

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