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Eclipse Draw2d

Uses of Class

Packages that use Figure
org.eclipse.draw2d Primary package containing general interfaces and implementation classes. This package contains some complex parts used with Draw2d. 
org.eclipse.draw2d.text Figures and support classes related to the layout and rendering of rich text. 

Uses of Figure in org.eclipse.draw2d

Subclasses of Figure in org.eclipse.draw2d
 class AbstractPointListShape
          Base superclass for all polylines/polygons
 class ArrowButton
          A Button which displays a triangle pointing in a specified direction.
 class Button
          A Button usually has a border and appears to move up and down in response to being pressed.
 class CheckBox
          A Checkbox is a toggle figure which toggles between the checked and unchecked figures to simulate a check box.
 class Clickable
          A Clickable responds to mouse clicks in some way (determined by a ClickBehavior) and fires action events.
 class ConnectionLayer
          Layer designed specifically to handle the presence of connections.
 class Ellipse
          An figure that draws an ellipse filling its bounds.
 class FreeformLayer
          A Layer that can extend in all 4 directions.
 class FreeformLayeredPane
          A LayeredPane that contains FreeformLayers.
 class FreeformViewport
          A viewport for FreeformFigures.
 class ImageFigure
          A Figure that simply contains an Image.
 class Label
          A figure that can display text and/or an image.
 class LabeledContainer
          A Container with a title bar describing the contents of the container.
 class Layer
          A transparent figure intended to be added exclusively to a LayeredPane, who has the responsibilty of managing its layers.
 class LayeredPane
          A figure capable of holding any number of layers.
protected  class LightweightSystem.RootFigure
          The figure at the root of the LightweightSystem.
 class Panel
          A General purpose Container.
 class Polygon
          Renders a PointList as a polygonal shape.
 class PolygonDecoration
          A rotatable, polygon shaped decoration most commonly used for decorating the ends of polylines.
 class PolygonShape
          Renders a PointList as a polygonal shape.
 class Polyline
          Renders a PointList as a series of line segments.
 class PolylineConnection
          An implementation of Connection based on Polyline.
 class PolylineDecoration
          A decorative Figure intended to be placed on a Polyline.
 class PolylineShape
          Renders a PointList as a series of line segments.
 class RectangleFigure
          Draws a rectangle whose size is determined by the bounds set to it.
 class RoundedRectangle
          Draws a Rectangle whose corners are rounded in appearance.
 class ScalableFreeformLayeredPane
 class ScalableLayeredPane
          A non-freeform, scalable layered pane.
 class ScalablePolygonShape
          Renders a PointList as a polygonal shape scaled in accordance with bounds to fill whole figure.
 class ScrollBar
          Provides for the scrollbars used by the ScrollPane.
 class ScrollPane
          A class which implements automatic horizontal and/or vertical scrolling for a single IFigure child.
 class Shape
          Provides abstract support for a variety of shapes.
 class Toggle
          Basic Rule for Toggle: Whoever creates the toggle is reponsible for response changes for it (selection, rollover, etc).
 class ToggleButton
          A Toggle that appears like a 3-dimensional button.
 class Triangle
          A triangular graphical figure.
 class Viewport
          A Viewport is a flexible window onto a ScrollPane and represents the visible portion of the ScrollPane.

Methods in org.eclipse.draw2d with parameters of type Figure
protected  void SWTEventDispatcher. setHoverSource ( Figure figure, me)
          Sets the figure that the mouse cursor is hovering over.

Uses of Figure in

Subclasses of Figure in
 class ScrollableThumbnail
          A scaled image representation of a Figure.
 class Thumbnail
          A Thumbnail is a Figure that displays an image of its source Figure at a smaller size.

Uses of Figure in org.eclipse.draw2d.text

Subclasses of Figure in org.eclipse.draw2d.text
 class BlockFlow
          A FlowFigure represented by a single BlockBox containing one or more lines.
 class FlowAdapter
          Adapts non-flow figures for use within a parent hierarchy requiring flow figures.
 class FlowFigure
          The base implementation for text flow figures.
 class FlowPage
          The root of a Flow hierarchy.
 class InlineFlow
          A FlowFigure represented by multiple LineBox fragments.
 class TextFlow
          An inline flow figure that renders a string of text across one or more lines.

Eclipse Draw2d

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire