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Eclipse EMF Model Transaction Development Guide
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Package org.eclipse.emf.transaction.util

Utilities used by/with the transactional editing domain API.


Interface Summary
Adaptable Interface implemented by transactional editing domains that support dynamic adaptation to optional interfaces.
ConditionalRedoCommand A specialization of the EMF Command API that accounts for conditional redoable-ness.
ValidateEditSupport Interface for the Transaction.OPTION_VALIDATE_EDIT transaction option to check, when a transaction commits, that all of the resources that it has modified are actually editable or (by some means supplied by the platform) can be made to be editable.

Class Summary
BasicTransactionOptionMetadata A simple implementation of the Transaction.OptionMetadata interface.
BasicTransactionOptionMetadataRegistry A simple implementation of the transaction option metadata registry API.
CommandChangeDescription A change description that simply wraps a Command, asking it to undo or redo when applying.
CompositeChangeDescription A composition of zero or more change descriptions representing the changes performed by transactions in a possibly nested structure.
ConditionalRedoCommand.Compound A conditionally redoable compound command.
Lock Implementation of a lock.
TransactionUtil Static utilities for dealing with EMF elements and resources in a transactional editing domain.
TriggerCommand A specialized compound command that combines a "triggering" command with commands contributed by ResourceSetListeners as triggers.
ValidateEditSupport.Default A default implementation of the ValidateEditSupport interface, that uses the editing domain's read-only resource map to determine whether a resource can be edited and depends on notifications of the Resource.isModified() property changing to track which resources need to be validated (note that this implies that the resource is tracking modifications).

Package org.eclipse.emf.transaction.util Description

Utilities used by/with the transactional editing domain API.

Package Specification

This package provides some utility classes used by the EMF Transaction API, which would also benefit clients extending that API.

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Copyright 2002, 2007 IBM Corporation and others.
All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire