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9.6. Configuration Profiles

Configuration Profiles can be used to configure and use more than one set of preferences and configurations. Select the Configuration Profiles... menu item from the Edit menu, or simply press Shift-Ctrl-A; and Wireshark will pop up the Configuration Profiles dialog box as shown in Figure 9.10, “The configuration profiles dialog box”. It is also possible to click in the "Profile" part of the statusbar to popup a menu with available Configuration Profiles (Figure 3.19, “The Statusbar with a configuration profile menu”).

Configuration files stored in the Profiles:

[Note] Other configurations

All other configurations are stored in the personal configuration folder, and are common to all profiles.

Figure 9.10. The configuration profiles dialog box

The configuration profiles dialog box


This button adds a new profile to the profiles list. The name of the created profile is "New profile" and can be changed in the Properties field.


This button deletes the selected profile, including all configuration files used in this profile. It is not possible to delete the "Default" profile.

Configuration Profiles

You can select a configuration profile from this list (which will fill in the profile name in the fields down at the bottom of the dialog box).

Profile name:

You can change the name of the currently selected profile here.

[Note] Used as a folder name

The profile name will be used as a folder name in the configured "Personal configurations" folder. If adding multiple profiles with the same name, only one profile will be created.

[Note] Illegal characters

On Windows the profile name cannot start or end with a period (.), and cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

On Unix the profile name cannot contain the ' / ' character.


This button saves all changes, applies the selected profile and closes the dialog.


This button saves all changes, applies the selected profile and keeps the dialog open.


Close this dialog. This will discard unsaved settings, new profiles will not be added and deleted profiles will not be deleted.


Show this help page.

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