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Release 3.0

Interface IRSEBasePersistableReferencingObject

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
IRSEPersistableReferencingObject, ISystemFilterPoolReference

public interface IRSEBasePersistableReferencingObject
extends IRSEBaseReferencingObject

Referencing objects are shadows of real objects. Typically, shadows are created to enable a GUI which does not allow the same real object to appear multiple times. In these cases, a unique shadow object is created for each unique instance of the real object.

The parent interface ISystemReferencingObject captures the simple set of methods such a shadow must implement.

This interface specializes that for the case of references that must be persisted. Typically, we build the references in memory at runtime just to satisfy the GUI. However, occasionally we build the list of references for a more permanent reason, such as when we let a user choose a subset from a master list.

When we persist such a reference, we can't persist the memory reference to the master object. Instead, we persist the unique name or key of that object, and upon restoring from disk we then resolve that into a runtime reference to a real memory object.

This interface captures the methods to set and query that name or key.

Method Summary
  String getReferencedObjectName ()
          Query the unique name or key of the object we are referencing.
 void setReferencedObject ( IRSEBasePersistableReferencedObject obj)
          Set the object to which we reference.
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.rse.core.references. IRSEBaseReferencingObject
getReferencedObject, isReferenceBroken, removeReference, setReferenceBroken, setReferencedObject

Method Detail


void setReferencedObject(
IRSEBasePersistableReferencedObject obj)
Set the object to which we reference. This is an overload of the parent interface method of the same name. This one takes an object of which we can query its unique name for the purpose of saving that to disk.


String getReferencedObjectName()
Query the unique name or key of the object we are referencing.

Release 3.0

Copyright (c) IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire