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Eclipse JET Guide
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Additional XPath Functions

The following functions are included in JET, in addition to the XPath functions specified by the XPath 1.0 Core Function Library.

Function Summary
camelCase Uppercases the first letter in each token and removes all whitespace.
cardinality Returns whether an XPath expression returns zero, one or more than one node
className Returns the classname from a fully quallified classname
emf.eClass Return the EMF EClass of an object.
escapeJavaWhitespace Replaces whitespace characters with their escaped java string equivalent strings.
eval Evaluate a dynamically created XPath function and return its result.
isVariableDefined Test whether the named variable is defined.
lower-case lowercases the entire string.
lowercaseFirst Lowercases the first charater in the string.
packageName Returns the package name from a fully-qualified Java class name
propertiesEncode Encode string content to conform to rules for Java properties files
removeWhitespace Removes all whitespace from a string.
sort Sort a node set by the specified sort keys.
trimWhitespace Removes all leading and trailing whitespace from a string
uml2.stereotype Access a named UML2 stereotype on a UML2 element
upper-case Uppercases all charaters in the string.
uppercaseFirst Uppercases the first letter in the string
xmlEncode Replaces characters that cause problems when parsing XML streams with the equivalent XML entities.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire