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Interface IBoundedMapTypeDescriptor

All Superinterfaces:
IBoundedTypeDescriptor, IMapTypeDescriptor, ITypeDescriptor

public interface IBoundedMapTypeDescriptor
extends IMapTypeDescriptor, IBoundedTypeDescriptor

Describes a IMapTypeDescriptor for which the possible keyed values are unbounded for some set of possible value types. For example, a managed bean that implements Map, is unconstrained for all values in Java 1.4 and for whatever the template value type is in Java5.

Provisional API - subject to change

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Field Summary
static java.lang.String copyright
Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.jst.jsf.context.symbol. IMapTypeDescriptor
getMapSource, isImmutable, setImmutable, setMapSource
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.jst.jsf.context.symbol. IBoundedTypeDescriptor
getUnboundedProperty, isUnboundedForType
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.jst.jsf.context.symbol. ITypeDescriptor
calculateSyntheticCall, getArrayElement, getInterfaceTypeSignatures, getJdtContext, getMethods, getProperties, getSuperTypeSignatures, getTypeParameterSignatures, getTypeSignature, getTypeSignatureDelegate, instanceOf, isArray, isEnumType, resolveType, setEnumType, setJdtContext, setTypeSignatureDelegate

Field Detail


static final java.lang.String copyright

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