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Eclipse Draw2d

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Translatable
org.eclipse.draw2d Primary package containing general interfaces and implementation classes. 
org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry Types representing or manipulating geometric values, such as Points, Dimensions, etc. 
org.eclipse.draw2d.text Figures and support classes related to the layout and rendering of rich text. 

Uses of Translatable in org.eclipse.draw2d

Classes in org.eclipse.draw2d that implement Translatable
 class AbsoluteBendpoint
          AbsoluteBendpoint is a Bendpoint that defines its location simply as its X and Y coordinates.

Methods in org.eclipse.draw2d with parameters of type Translatable
 void Viewport. translateFromParent ( Translatable t)
 void Viewport. translateToParent ( Translatable t)
 void ScalableLayeredPane. translateFromParent ( Translatable t)
 void ScalableLayeredPane. translateToParent ( Translatable t)
 void ScalableFreeformLayeredPane. translateToParent ( Translatable t)
 void ScalableFreeformLayeredPane. translateFromParent ( Translatable t)
 void IFigure. translateFromParent ( Translatable t)
          Translates a Translatable from this IFigure's parent's coordinates to this IFigure's local coordinates.
 void IFigure. translateToAbsolute ( Translatable t)
          Translates a Translatable that is relative to this figure's bounds to absolute.
 void IFigure. translateToParent ( Translatable t)
          Translates a Translatable from this IFigure's coordinates to its parent's coordinates.
 void IFigure. translateToRelative ( Translatable t)
          Translates a Translatable in absolute coordinates to be relative to this figure's bounds.
 void Figure. translateFromParent ( Translatable t)
 void Figure. translateToAbsolute ( Translatable t)
 void Figure. translateToParent ( Translatable t)
 void Figure. translateToRelative ( Translatable t)

Uses of Translatable in org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry

Classes in org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry that implement Translatable
 class Dimension
          Stores an integer width and height.
 class Point
          Represents a point (x, y) in 2-dimensional space.
 class PointList
          Represents a List of Points.
 class PrecisionDimension
 class PrecisionPoint
 class PrecisionRectangle
          A Rectangle implementation using floating point values which are truncated into the inherited integer fields.
 class Rectangle
          Represents a Rectangle(x, y, width, height).

Uses of Translatable in org.eclipse.draw2d.text

Classes in org.eclipse.draw2d.text that implement Translatable
 class CaretInfo
          Stores positional information about where a caret should be placed.

Eclipse Draw2d

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire