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Eclipse EMF Validation Framework
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Eclipse EMF Validation Framework (Galileo)

Eclipse EMF Validation Framework

Table of Contents

EMF Validation Framework Developer Guide

Programmer's Guide

EMF Validation Framework Overview

The Validation Service

Contributing Constraints

Overview of Constraints

Static Constraint Providers

Dynamic Constraint Providers

Using OCL

Binding Constraints to Applications

Validation Listeners and Problem Reporting

Advanced Topics

Constraint Languages

Traversal Strategies

Defining Custom Notifications


Tutorial: EMF Validation General

Tutorial: EMF Validation Adapter

Tutorial: OCL Validation Constraints

Examples Guide

Validation Example

Validation Adapter Example

OCL Validation Example


Overview (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.marker (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.model (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.ocl (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.preferences (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.service (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.ui.ide.quickfix (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.ui.preferences (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.util (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

org.eclipse.emf.validation.xml (EMF Validation Framework Javadoc)

Extension Points Reference

EMF Validation Constraint Bindings

EMF Model Validation Constraint Providers

XML Constraint Definition Parsers

EMF Model Validation Custom Event Types

EMF Model Validation Model Traversal Strategies

Validation Listeners

UI Registered Client Context

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire