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Eclipse C/C++ Developer Guide
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Typing preferences

Use the Typing preference panel to assist in formatting input as you type. Click Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Editor > Typing to make changes.

Typing Preferences
Typing Preference Options
"Strings" If enabled, automatically close string quotes.
(Parenthesis) and [square] brackets If enabled, automatically close parenthesis and square brackets.
<Angle> brackets If enabled, automatically close angle brackets.
{Braces} If enabled, automatically close curly braces.
Tab key indents the current line If enabled, indent the current line when the tab key is pressed.
Adjust indentation Adjust the indentation of pasted text to match the current indentation level.
Wrap automatically Enable to automatically wrap string literals when they exceed the max line length.
Escape text when pasting into a literal string If enabled, special characters in pasted strings are escaped when pasted into an existing string literal.
Automatically indent - New lines and braces If enabled, a new line or brace will be indented according to the Code Style preferences. If disabled, the default Text Editor indentation strategy is applied (copy indent from previous line)

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