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General Index

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`#'1.1 A First Perl Program

`;'1.1 A First Perl Program

<>, the file handle operator1.1 A First Perl Program

Alan KayA.3 The Slogans
associativity2.4.1 Numerical Operators

comments1.1 A First Perl Program

easy jobs, made easy by PerlA.3 The Slogans
exponential notation2.2.1 Numeric Literals
expression1.2 Expressions, Statements, and Side-Effects

FDL, GNU Free Documentation LicenseB. GNU Free Documentation License
floating point2.2 Numbers
functions, chomp1.1 A First Perl Program
functions, defined2.3.2 Undefined Variables
functions, each5.4.2 Each
functions, keys5.4.1 Keys and Values
functions, my1.1 A First Perl Program
functions, pop3.4.2.1 Arrays as Stacks
functions, print1.1 A First Perl Program
functions, print2.1.2 A Digression--The print Function
functions, push3.4.2.1 Arrays as Stacks
functions, shift3.4.2.2 Arrays as Queues
functions, undef2.3.2 Undefined Variables
functions, unshift3.4.2.2 Arrays as Queues
functions, values5.4.1 Keys and Values

hard jobs, made possible by PerlA.3 The Slogans
hubrisA.3 The Slogans

impatienceA.3 The Slogans
integer2.2 Numbers
interpolation2.1.3.1 Interpolation in Double-quoted Strings
interpolation, scalar2.3.1 Scalar Interpolation

Kay, AlanA.3 The Slogans

languages, naturalA. Background of Perl
languages, naturalA.2 Perl as a Natural Language
lazinessA.3 The Slogans
literals, numeric2.2.1 Numeric Literals
literals, string2.1 Strings

newlines, removing with chomp1.1 A First Perl Program
numbers2.2 Numbers

operators2.4 Operators
operators, numeric2.4.1 Numerical Operators
options, -c1.1 A First Perl Program

panaceaA.3 The Slogans
Perl, definition ofA.1 A Brief History of Perl
Perl, history ofA.1 A Brief History of Perl
Perl, overview ofA. Background of Perl
pragma1.1 A First Perl Program
precedence2.4.1 Numerical Operators

quotes, double2.1.3 Double-quoted Strings
quotes, double2.3.1 Scalar Interpolation

reading from a file1.1 A First Perl Program

scalar1.1 A First Perl Program
scalar2. Working with Scalars
scalar2.3 Scalar Variables
scalar2.5 Output of Scalar Data
standard input1.1 A First Perl Program
statement1.1 A First Perl Program
statement1.2 Expressions, Statements, and Side-Effects
STDIN1.1 A First Perl Program
strings2.1 Strings
strings2.1.3 Double-quoted Strings

UsenetA.1 A Brief History of Perl

variables, scalar2.3 Scalar Variables
variables, scalar2.5 Output of Scalar Data

Wall, LarryA.1 A Brief History of Perl
Wall, LarryA.2 Perl as a Natural Language

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A   C   E   F   H   I   K   L   N   O   P   Q   R   S   U   V   W  

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