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Samba HowTo Guide
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Chapter20.Classical Printing Support

Kurt Pfeifle

Danka Deutschland GmbH

Gerald (Jerry) Carter

Samba Team

John H. Terpstra

Samba Team

May 31, 2003

Table of Contents

Features and Benefits
Technical Introduction
Client to Samba Print Job Processing
Printing-Related Configuration Parameters
Simple Print Configuration
Verifying Configuration with testparm
Rapid Configuration Validation
Extended Printing Configuration
Detailed Explanation Settings
Printing Developments Since Samba-2.2
Point'n'Print Client Drivers on Samba Servers
The Obsoleted [printer$] Section
Creating the [print$] Share
[print$] Stanza Parameters
The [print$] Share Directory
Installing Drivers into [print$]
Add Printer Wizard Driver Installation
Installing Print Drivers Using rpcclient
Client Driver Installation Procedure
First Client Driver Installation
Setting Device Modes on New Printers
Additional Client Driver Installation
Always Make First Client Connection as root or “printer admin
Other Gotchas
Setting Default Print Options for Client Drivers
Supporting Large Numbers of Printers
Adding New Printers with the Windows NT APW
Error Message: “Cannot connect under a different Name
Take Care When Assembling Driver Files
Samba and Printer Ports
Avoiding Common Client Driver Misconfiguration
The Imprints Toolset
What Is Imprints?
Creating Printer Driver Packages
The Imprints Server
The Installation Client
Adding Network Printers without User Interaction
The addprinter Command
Migration of Classical Printing to Samba
Publishing Printer Information in Active Directory or LDAP
Common Errors
I Give My Root Password but I Do Not Get Access
My Print Jobs Get Spooled into the Spooling Directory, but Then Get Lost
Samba HowTo Guide
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  Published under the terms fo the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire