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Samba HowTo Guide
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Always Make First Client Connection as root or “printer admin

After you installed the driver on the Samba server (in its [print$] share), you should always make sure that your first client installation completes correctly. Make it a habit for yourself to build the very first connection from a client as printer admin. This is to make sure that:

  • A first valid device mode is really initialized (see above Setting Device Modes on New Printers) for more explanation details).

  • The default print settings of your printer for all further client installations are as you want them.

Do this by changing the orientation to landscape, click on Apply, and then change it back again. Next, modify the other settings (for example, you do not want the default media size set to Letter when you are all using A4, right? You may want to set the printer for duplex as the default, and so on).

To connect as root to a Samba printer, try this command from a Windows 200x/XP DOS box command prompt:


runas /netonly /user:root "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /p /t3 /n 

You will be prompted for root's Samba password; type it, wait a few seconds, click on Printing Defaults, and proceed to set the job options that should be used as defaults by all clients. Alternatively, instead of root you can name one other member of the printer admin from the setting.

Now all the other users downloading and installing the driver the same way (using Point'n'Print) will have the same defaults set for them. If you miss this step, you'll get a lot of help desk calls from your users, but maybe you like to talk to people.

Samba HowTo Guide
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