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Release 3.0

Uses of Class

Packages that use SystemPromptDialog

Uses of SystemPromptDialog in org.eclipse.rse.files.ui.dialogs

Subclasses of SystemPromptDialog in org.eclipse.rse.files.ui.dialogs
 class SystemPromptForHomeFolderDialog
          Dialog for prompting the user for his home folder.
 class SystemRemoteArchiveDialog
 class SystemRemoteFileDialog
 class SystemRemoteFolderDialog

Uses of SystemPromptDialog in org.eclipse.rse.ui.dialogs

Subclasses of SystemPromptDialog in org.eclipse.rse.ui.dialogs
 class EnvironmentVariablesPromptDialog
          Dialog for prompting the user to add / change an environment variable.
 class SystemChangePasswordDialog
          A SystemChangePasswordDialog is typically presented when the password on the remote system has expired and a new one needs to be saved.
 class SystemPasswordPersistencePrompt
          SystemPasswordPersistencePrompt is used with the save password preference page to prompt the user to add or change password information.
 class SystemPasswordPromptDialog
          Prompt user for password.
 class SystemRemoteResourceDialog
 class SystemRenameSingleDialog
          Dialog for renaming a single resource.
 class SystemSelectAnythingDialog
 class SystemSelectFileTypesDialog
          A public implementation of the eclipse Select Types dialog.
 class SystemSimpleCopyDialog
          Dialog for selecting a target location on a copy operation.
 class SystemSimpleSelectDialog
          Dialog that uses a checkbox tree viewer to prompt users to select hierarchical items.

Uses of SystemPromptDialog in org.eclipse.rse.ui.filters.dialogs

Subclasses of SystemPromptDialog in org.eclipse.rse.ui.filters.dialogs
 class SystemChangeFilterDialog
          A dialog that allows the user to change a filter.

Release 3.0

Copyright (c) IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire