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Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform
Release 1.2

Constant Field Values


org.eclipse.rwt.lifecycle. WidgetUtil
public static final  String CUSTOM_VARIANT "org.eclipse.rwt.themeVariant"
public static final  String CUSTOM_WIDGET_ID "org.eclipse.rwt.UITests#customId"
public static final  String ENABLE_UI_TESTS "org.eclipse.rwt.enableUITests"

org.eclipse.rwt.service. FileSettingStore
public static final  String FILE_SETTING_STORE_DIR "org.eclipse.rwt.service.FileSettingStore.dir"

org.eclipse.rwt.service. IServiceHandler
public static final  String REQUEST_PARAM "custom_service_handler"

org.eclipse.rwt.widgets. ExternalBrowser
public static final int LOCATION_BAR 2
public static final int NAVIGATION_BAR 4
public static final int STATUS 8

org.eclipse.swt. SWT
public static final int ABORT 512
public static final int Activate 26
public static final int ALT 65536
public static final int APPLICATION_MODAL 65536
public static final int ARROW 4
public static final int ARROW_DOWN 16777218
public static final int ARROW_LEFT 16777219
public static final int ARROW_RIGHT 16777220
public static final int ARROW_UP 16777217
public static final int BACKGROUND 8
public static final int BAR 2
public static final int BEGINNING 1
public static final int BOLD 1
public static final int BORDER 2048
public static final int BOTTOM 1024
public static final int BREAK 16777302
public static final char BS 8
public static final int CALENDAR 1024
public static final int CANCEL 256
public static final int CAPS_LOCK 16777298
public static final int CASCADE 64
public static final int CENTER 16777216
public static final int CHECK 32
public static final int Close 21
public static final int CLOSE 64
public static final int Collapse 18
public static final int COLOR_BLACK 2
public static final int COLOR_BLUE 9
public static final int COLOR_CYAN 13
public static final int COLOR_DARK_BLUE 10
public static final int COLOR_DARK_CYAN 14
public static final int COLOR_DARK_GRAY 16
public static final int COLOR_DARK_GREEN 6
public static final int COLOR_DARK_MAGENTA 12
public static final int COLOR_DARK_RED 4
public static final int COLOR_DARK_YELLOW 8
public static final int COLOR_GRAY 15
public static final int COLOR_GREEN 5
public static final int COLOR_INFO_BACKGROUND 29
public static final int COLOR_INFO_FOREGROUND 28
public static final int COLOR_LIST_BACKGROUND 25
public static final int COLOR_LIST_FOREGROUND 24
public static final int COLOR_LIST_SELECTION 26
public static final int COLOR_LIST_SELECTION_TEXT 27
public static final int COLOR_MAGENTA 11
public static final int COLOR_RED 3
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_BACKGROUND 31
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_BACKGROUND_GRADIENT 32
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_FOREGROUND 30
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_INACTIVE_BACKGROUND 34
public static final int COLOR_TITLE_INACTIVE_FOREGROUND 33
public static final int COLOR_WHITE 1
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_BACKGROUND 22
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_BORDER 23
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_DARK_SHADOW 17
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_FOREGROUND 21
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_HIGHLIGHT_SHADOW 20
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_LIGHT_SHADOW 19
public static final int COLOR_WIDGET_NORMAL_SHADOW 18
public static final int COLOR_YELLOW 7
public static final int COMMAND 4194304
public static final int CONTROL 262144
public static final char CR 13
public static final int CTRL 262144
public static final int CURSOR_ARROW 0
public static final int CURSOR_CROSS 2
public static final int CURSOR_HAND 21
public static final int CURSOR_HELP 4
public static final int CURSOR_IBEAM 19
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEALL 5
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEE 12
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEN 10
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENE 14
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENS 7
public static final int CURSOR_SIZENW 17
public static final int CURSOR_SIZES 11
public static final int CURSOR_SIZESE 15
public static final int CURSOR_SIZESW 16
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEW 13
public static final int CURSOR_SIZEWE 9
public static final int CURSOR_WAIT 1
public static final int DATE 32
public static final int Deactivate 27
public static final int DEFAULT -1
public static final int DefaultSelection 14
public static final char DEL 127
public static final int DIALOG_TRIM 2144
public static final int Dispose 12
public static final int DOWN 1024
public static final int DROP_DOWN 4
public static final int END 16777224
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_BE_ZERO 7
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_COUNT 36
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_ENABLED 31
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_ITEM 8
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_ITEM_HEIGHT 11
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_SELECTION 9
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_GET_TEXT 12
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_INVERT_MATRIX 10
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_ENABLED 30
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_MENU 29
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_SELECTION 28
public static final int ERROR_CANNOT_SET_TEXT 13
public static final int ERROR_DEVICE_DISPOSED 45
public static final int ERROR_FAILED_EXEC 46
public static final int ERROR_FAILED_LOAD_LIBRARY 47
public static final int ERROR_GRAPHIC_DISPOSED 44
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT 5
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_FONT 48
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_IMAGE 40
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_PARENT 32
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_RANGE 6
public static final int ERROR_INVALID_SUBCLASS 43
public static final int ERROR_IO 39
public static final int ERROR_ITEM_NOT_ADDED 14
public static final int ERROR_ITEM_NOT_REMOVED 15
public static final int ERROR_MENU_NOT_BAR 33
public static final int ERROR_MENU_NOT_DROP_DOWN 21
public static final int ERROR_MENU_NOT_POP_UP 37
public static final int ERROR_MENUITEM_NOT_CASCADE 27
public static final int ERROR_NO_GRAPHICS_LIBRARY 16
public static final int ERROR_NO_HANDLES 2
public static final int ERROR_NO_MORE_CALLBACKS 3
public static final int ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 20
public static final int ERROR_NULL_ARGUMENT 4
public static final int ERROR_THREAD_INVALID_ACCESS 22
public static final int ERROR_UNSPECIFIED 1
public static final int ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_DEPTH 38
public static final int ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT 42
public static final int ERROR_WIDGET_DISPOSED 24
public static final char ESC 27
public static final int Expand 17
public static final int F1 16777226
public static final int F10 16777235
public static final int F11 16777236
public static final int F12 16777237
public static final int F2 16777227
public static final int F3 16777228
public static final int F4 16777229
public static final int F5 16777230
public static final int F6 16777231
public static final int F7 16777232
public static final int F8 16777233
public static final int F9 16777234
public static final int FILL 4
public static final int FLAT 8388608
public static final int FocusIn 15
public static final int FocusOut 16
public static final int FULL_SELECTION 65536
public static final int H_SCROLL 256
public static final int HELP 16777297
public static final int Hide 23
public static final int HOME 16777223
public static final int HORIZONTAL 256
public static final int ICON_ERROR 1
public static final int ICON_INFORMATION 2
public static final int ICON_QUESTION 4
public static final int ICON_WARNING 8
public static final int ICON_WORKING 16
public static final int IGNORE 2048
public static final int IMAGE_BMP 0
public static final int IMAGE_BMP_RLE 1
public static final int IMAGE_GIF 2
public static final int IMAGE_ICO 3
public static final int IMAGE_JPEG 4
public static final int IMAGE_OS2_BMP 7
public static final int IMAGE_PNG 5
public static final int IMAGE_TIFF 6
public static final int IMAGE_UNDEFINED -1
public static final int INDETERMINATE 2
public static final int INHERIT_DEFAULT 1
public static final int INHERIT_FORCE 2
public static final int INHERIT_NONE 0
public static final int INSERT 16777225
public static final int ITALIC 2
public static final int KEY_MASK 16842751
public static final int KEYCODE_BIT 16777216
public static final int KeyDown 1
public static final int KEYPAD_0 16777264
public static final int KEYPAD_1 16777265
public static final int KEYPAD_2 16777266
public static final int KEYPAD_3 16777267
public static final int KEYPAD_4 16777268
public static final int KEYPAD_5 16777269
public static final int KEYPAD_6 16777270
public static final int KEYPAD_7 16777271
public static final int KEYPAD_8 16777272
public static final int KEYPAD_9 16777273
public static final int KEYPAD_ADD 16777259
public static final int KEYPAD_CR 16777296
public static final int KEYPAD_DECIMAL 16777262
public static final int KEYPAD_DIVIDE 16777263
public static final int KEYPAD_EQUAL 16777277
public static final int KEYPAD_MULTIPLY 16777258
public static final int KEYPAD_SUBTRACT 16777261
public static final int KeyUp 2
public static final int LEAD 16384
public static final int LEFT 16384
public static final int LEFT_TO_RIGHT 33554432
public static final char LF 10
public static final int LONG 268435456
public static final int MAX 1024
public static final int MEDIUM 65536
public static final int MIN 128
public static final int Modify 24
public static final int MouseDoubleClick 8
public static final int MouseDown 3
public static final int MouseUp 4
public static final int Move 10
public static final int MULTI 2
public static final int NO 128
public static final int NO_FOCUS 524288
public static final int NO_SCROLL 16
public static final int NO_TRIM 8
public static final int None 0
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int NORMAL 0
public static final int NULL 0
public static final int NUM_LOCK 16777299
public static final int OK 32
public static final int ON_TOP 16384
public static final int PAGE_DOWN 16777222
public static final int PAGE_UP 16777221
public static final int PASSWORD 4194304
public static final int PAUSE 16777301
public static final int POP_UP 8
public static final int PRINT_SCREEN 16777303
public static final int PUSH 8
public static final int RADIO 16
public static final int READ_ONLY 8
public static final int Resize 11
public static final int RESIZE 16
public static final int RETRY 1024
public static final int RIGHT 131072
public static final int SCROLL_LOCK 16777300
public static final int Selection 13
public static final int SEPARATOR 2
public static final int SetData 36
public static final int SHADOW_IN 4
public static final int SHADOW_NONE 32
public static final int SHADOW_OUT 8
public static final int SHELL_TRIM 1264
public static final int SHIFT 131072
public static final int SHORT 32768
public static final int Show 22
public static final int SIMPLE 64
public static final int SINGLE 4
public static final int SMOOTH 65536
public static final char TAB 9
public static final int TIME 128
public static final int TITLE 32
public static final int TOGGLE 2
public static final int TOP 128
public static final int TRAIL 131072
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_ALPHA 1
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_MASK 2
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_NONE 0
public static final int TRANSPARENCY_PIXEL 4
public static final int Traverse 31
public static final int TRAVERSE_ESCAPE 2
public static final int TRAVERSE_NONE 0
public static final int TRAVERSE_RETURN 4
public static final int TRAVERSE_TAB_NEXT 16
public static final int TRAVERSE_TAB_PREVIOUS 8
public static final int UP 128
public static final int V_SCROLL 512
public static final int Verify 25
public static final int VERTICAL 512
public static final int VIRTUAL 268435456
public static final int WRAP 64
public static final int YES 64

org.eclipse.swt.browser. LocationEvent
public static final int CHANGED 2
public static final int CHANGING 1

org.eclipse.swt.custom. CCombo
public static final int LIMIT 2147483647

org.eclipse.swt.custom. CTabFolderEvent
public static final int CLOSE 1
public static final int MAXIMIZE 3
public static final int MINIMIZE 2
public static final int RESTORE 4
public static final int SHOW_LIST 5 ControlEvent
public static final int CONTROL_MOVED 10
public static final int CONTROL_RESIZED 11 DisposeEvent
public static final int WIDGET_DISPOSED 12 ExpandEvent
public static final int COLLAPSED 18
public static final int EXPANDED 17 FocusEvent
public static final int FOCUS_GAINED 15
public static final int FOCUS_LOST 16 KeyEvent
public static final int KEY_PRESSED 1
public static final int KEY_RELEASED 2 MenuEvent
public static final int MENU_HIDDEN 23
public static final int MENU_SHOWN 22 ModifyEvent
public static final int MODIFY_TEXT 24 MouseEvent
public static final int MOUSE_DOUBLE_CLICK 8
public static final int MOUSE_DOWN 3
public static final int MOUSE_UP 4 SelectionEvent
public static final int WIDGET_DEFAULT_SELECTED 14
public static final int WIDGET_SELECTED 13 ShellEvent
public static final int SHELL_ACTIVATED 26
public static final int SHELL_CLOSED 21
public static final int SHELL_DEACTIVATED 27 TraverseEvent
public static final int KEY_TRAVERSED 31 TreeEvent
public static final int TREE_COLLAPSED 18
public static final int TREE_EXPANDED 17 VerifyEvent
public static final int VERIFY_TEXT 25

org.eclipse.swt.layout. GridData
public static final int BEGINNING 1
public static final int CENTER 2
public static final int END 3
public static final int FILL 4
public static final int FILL_BOTH 1808
public static final int FILL_HORIZONTAL 768
public static final int FILL_VERTICAL 1040
public static final int GRAB_HORIZONTAL 512
public static final int GRAB_VERTICAL 1024
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_BEGINNING 32
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_CENTER 64
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_END 128
public static final int HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_FILL 256
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_BEGINNING 2
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_CENTER 4
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_END 8
public static final int VERTICAL_ALIGN_FILL 16

org.eclipse.swt.widgets. Text
public static final int LIMIT 2147483647

Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform
Release 1.2

Copyright (c) Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH and others 2002, 2008. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire