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Eclipse JDT
Release 3.5

Interface ClassType

All Superinterfaces:
DeclaredType, ReferenceType, TypeMirror
All Known Subinterfaces:

public interface ClassType
extends DeclaredType

Represents a class type. Interface types are represented separately by InterfaceType. Note that an enum is a kind of class.

While a ClassDeclaration represents the declaration of a class, a ClassType represents a class type. See TypeDeclaration for more on this distinction.


Method Summary
  ClassDeclaration getDeclaration ()
          Returns the declaration of this type.
  ClassType getSuperclass ()
          Returns the class type that is a direct supertype of this one.
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.mirror.type. DeclaredType
getActualTypeArguments, getContainingType, getSuperinterfaces
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.mirror.type. TypeMirror
accept, equals, toString

Method Detail


ClassDeclaration getDeclaration()
Returns the declaration of this type.

Returns null if this type's declaration is unknown. This may be the result of a processing error, such as a missing class file.

Specified by:
getDeclaration in interface DeclaredType
the declaration of this type, or null if unknown


ClassType getSuperclass()
Returns the class type that is a direct supertype of this one. This is the superclass of this type's declaring class, with any type arguments substituted in. The only class with no superclass is java.lang.Object, for which this method returns null.

For example, the class type extended by java.util.TreeSet<String> is java.util.AbstractSet<String>.

the class type that is a direct supertype of this one, or null if there is none

Eclipse JDT
Release 3.5

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire