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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Essentials Book now available.

Purchase a copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL 9) Essentials

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Essentials Print and eBook (PDF) editions contain 34 chapters and 298 pages

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Chapter 1. Obtaining Red Hat Enterprise Linux

If you have a Red Hat subscription, you can download ISO image files of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 installation DVD from the Software & Download Center that is part of the Red Hat customer portal. If you do not already have a subscription, either purchase one or obtain a free evaluation subscription from the Software & Download Center at
If you have a subscription or evaluation subscription, follow these steps to obtain the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ISO image files:
  1. Visit the customer portal at and enter your Login and Password.
  2. Click Downloads to visit the Software & Download Center.
  3. Click the Download your software link to obtain a list of all currently supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux products.
  4. Select a version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and click on the link to that version. Note that you only need to select the most current version of the product; each release is a complete, functional version of the operating system and does not require previous releases. Ensure that you select a server release if you plan to deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux to a server, or a desktop release if you plan to deploy to a client machine.
  5. Each version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available as an ISO image file for a single DVD, around 3 GB – 4 GB in size.
    Selecting ISO Image Files
    The page lists ISO image files.
    Figure 1.1. Selecting ISO Image Files

    This same page contains links to ISO image files for the source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You do not need to download the source code to install the operating system.
    The page also contains links to ISO image files to make minimal boot media. These image files are always named boot.iso and are around 150 MB in size. You cannot install Red Hat Enterprise Linux from these files, but you can use these files to create bootable CDs, DVDs, or USB devices with which you can boot a system when you plan to complete the installation from an installation source available on a hard disk or over a network connection. Refer to Section 2.3, “Making Minimal Boot Media” for information on how to use the boot.iso file.
    Note that the link to every image file is accompanied by a checksum. You can use this value to verify that a Red Hat Enterprise Linux image file is geniune and uncorrupted.
After you download an ISO image file of the installation DVD from the Red Hat Network, you can:

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