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Samba HowTo Guide
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Subversion Access to

The machine runs a publicly accessible Subversion repository for access to the source code of several packages, including Samba, rsync, distcc, ccache, and jitterbug. There are two main ways of accessing the Subversion server on this host.

Access via SVNweb

You can access the source code via your favorite WWW browser. This allows you to access the contents of individual files in the repository and also to look at the revision history and commit logs of individual files. You can also ask for a diff listing between any two versions on the repository.

Use the URL

Access via Subversion

You can also access the source code via a normal Subversion client. This gives you much more control over what you can do with the repository and allows you to check out whole source trees and keep them up to date via normal Subversion commands. This is the preferred method of access if you are a developer and not just a casual browser.

In order to be able to download the Samba sources off Subversion, you need a Subversion client. Your distribution might include one, or you can download the sources from

To gain access via anonymous Subversion, use the following steps.

Procedure40.1.Retrieving Samba using Subversion

  1. Install a recent copy of Subversion. All you really need is a copy of the Subversion client binary.

  2. Run the command

    svn co svn:// samba

    This will create a directory called samba containing the latest Samba source code (usually the branch that is going to be the next major release). This currently corresponds to the 3.1 development tree.

    Subversion branches other then trunk can be obtained by adding branches/BRANCH_NAME to the URL you check out. A list of branch names can be found on the “Development” page of the Samba Web site. A common request is to obtain the latest 3.0 release code. This could be done by using the following command:

    svn co svn:// samba_3

  3. Whenever you want to merge in the latest code changes, use the following command from within the Samba directory:

    svn update

Samba HowTo Guide
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