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Grokking The Gimp
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3.5.2 Tool Conjugation

Often a selection is most efficiently made using a combination of tools. For example, beginning a selection with the Magic Wand   or with By Color can produce a result that is almost right but may be missing a component or may have included an unwanted element. When this happens, the Lasso can often be used to correct the problem.

Figure  3.25(a)

Figure 3.25: Selection Tool Teamwork
Figure 3.25

shows the selection of a flower made with the Magic Wand. As can be seen, the flower has been almost completely selected. However, it was impossible to include the central region of the flower by interactively adjusting the threshold without also including more of the background. The value of the threshold used in Figure  3.25(a) is seen in the Tool Options dialog for the Magic Wand, shown in Figure  3.25(b). The value of 59.9 seen in the dialog is just at the point where parts of the background started to be included in the selection.

Although the Magic Wand could not select all the desired parts of the flower, the remainder can be added to the selection using the Lasso. Figure  3.25(c) shows the process of making a selection with the Lasso. Pressing the Shift key before clicking and dragging in the image window causes the new selection to be added to the one created by the Magic Wand. The Shift key needs to be released before the selection is finished. Adding selections was described in Section  3.2. Notice that under these circumstances the selection made with the Lasso need not be precise, which corresponds to the guidelines given for the Lasso in Section  3.5.1.

The example of conjugating tools presented here is a little contrived because it is not often that the Magic Wand can be used practically in this way. But it is illustrative of how the tools can be used together. We will see much more of this in Chapters  4 and 7 where the Threshold tool takes the place of the Magic Wand.

Grokking The Gimp
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