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5.6.  Pointer Dialog

Figure 14.80.  Pointer dialog

Pointer dialog

This dialog offers you, in a same window, in real time, the position of the mouse pointer, and the channel values of the pointed pixel, in the chosen color model.

5.6.1.  Activating the dialog

The “Pointer” dialog is a dockable dialog; see the section Section 2.3, “Dialogs and Docking” for help on manipulating it.

You can access it:

  • from the image menu: WindowsDockable DialogsPointer.

  • from the Tab menu in any dockable dialog by clicking on and selecting Add TabPointeur.

5.6.2.  Pointer” dialog options

As in every dialog that contains preview icons, you can control the preview images in the tab menu. To get more informations about that topic read Section 2.3, “Dialogs and Docking”.

Pointer Information


Shows the position of the pointed pixel, in X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) coordinates, stated in pixels from the origin (the upper left corner of the canvas).


Shows the distance from the origin, in inches.

Channel values

The channel values for the selected color model are shown below. Both pulldown menus contain the same choices, which makes it easier for you to compare the color values of a particular pixel using different color models. “Hex” is the HTML Notation of the pixel color, in hexadecimal. The choices on the pulldown menus are (Pixel is the default):


The RGB channel values. This choice displays the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha values of the pixel, as numbers between 0 and 255.


The RGB channel values. This choice displays the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha values of the pixel, as percentages. It also shows the hexadecimal value of the pixel's color.


The HSV components. This choice displays the Hue, in degrees, as well as the Saturation, Value and Alpha of the pixel, as percentages.


The CMYK channel values. This choice displays the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Alpha values of the pixel, as percentages.

Sample Merged

If this option is checked (default), sampling is performed on all layers. If it is unchecked, sampling is performed on the active layer only.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire