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Chapter 13. Playing games

A Fedora installation includes a selection of games by default. You can also select additional game packages during or after installation. To install new games on your Fedora system, refer to Chapter 17, Managing software . You can find more information about games for Fedora at For more information about the games in this list, refer to the Help menu within each individual game.

You do not need to switch desktops to play games

You can play KDE games while logged into GNOME and GNOME games while logged into KDE. Graphical environment components are very modular. When you install the game packs any dependencies will also be installed. You may need additional packages to view the online help.

13.1. Default GNOME games

Many GNOME games are not installed by default from the Live-CD or the DVD. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can use the Fedora DVD to install them, either using the PackageKit application or on the command line by using Yum . Refer to Chapter 17, Managing software for help installing new software. Be sure to also install the separate Help Files for gnome-games which provides the instruction for playing each game.
With the Help Files for gnome-games installed, use the menus to navigate to System > Help > Games to view a list of the available games. There is a brief description along with a link to details about playing each game. The detailed instructions can also be found from the Help > Contents menu in each game.
The games included in the GNOME games pack include:
Aisle Riot Solitaire
A collection of dozens of solitaire games
The classic casino card game
Play the classic board game against the computer or a friend
Five or More
A version of the popular Color Lines game
A four-in-a-row game played against the computer or another human opponent
FreeCell Solitaire
Another huge collection of solitaire games
GNOME Falling Blocks
Create a complete horizontal row of blocks which will disappear
A trick-taking card game. Try to gain as few point cards as possible
A Reversi-like disk flipping game
A group of sliding block puzzles
A tile-matching game with many variations
A clone of a popular puzzle game
A worm or snake game
The classic game of out-of-control robots
A puzzle game involving the strategic removal of groups of marbles
The popular logic puzzle
A poker game played with dice
A simple tile-matching game

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