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Eclipse JET Guide
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Package org.eclipse.jet.taglib

Interfaces and abstract classes for implement custom JET tags.


Interface Summary
ConditionalTag Interface to a conditional tag.
ContainerTag Interface to a container tag.
CustomTag Interface representing common characteristics of JET2 custom tags.
EmptyTag Define characteristics of a JET2 emptyTag.
FunctionTag Define a JET2 function tag.
IteratingTag Define the behavior of a JET2 iterating tag.
OtherTag Represent a fully generate tag implementation.
RuntimeTagElement Defines the execution behavior an XML Element in a JET2 compiled template.
TagAttributeDefinition Expose the details of a Custom Tag attribute
TagDefinition Expose the definition of a tag, as declared in a 'org.eclipse.jet.tagLibraries' extension.
TagFactory Factory used by compiled JET2 templates to instantiate custom XML Elements.
TagInstanceFactory Define behavior of a factory for tags in a class library
TagLibrary Provide access to the tags in a tag library.
TagLibraryReference Represent a reference to a tag library by a template or a transform.

Class Summary
AbstractConditionalTag Partial implementation of ConditionalTag
AbstractContainerTag An abstract implementation of ContainerTag.
AbstractCustomTag An abstract base class for all implementations of CustomTag.
AbstractEmptyTag An abstract implementation of EmptyTag.
AbstractFunctionTag Abstract implementation a tag element that treats is body content as if it where an argument to a function, and writes the resulting calculation to the output.
AbstractIteratingTag An abstract implementation of IteratingTag.
AbstractOtherTag An abstract implementation of OtherTag.
CustomTagKind An enumeration of the deferent kinds of tags.
MarkerHelper Helper for implementing task markers on writer output.
TagInfo Define contextual information for a custom tag.
TagLibraryManager Access point for information on all declared tag libraries.
TagUtil Utility class with various functions useful to tag implementations
UserRegionHelper Utility class that allows implementation of user regions like <c:userRegion&;gt.

Exception Summary
JET2TagException Encapsulate an execution error during tag execution.

Package org.eclipse.jet.taglib Description

Interfaces and abstract classes for implement custom JET tags.

Copyright 2006 IBM Corporation and others.
All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire