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Generation Framework

Uses of Interface

Packages that use GenConstraint

Uses of GenConstraint in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen

Methods in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen that return GenConstraint
  GenConstraint GMFGenFactory. createGenConstraint ()
          Returns a new object of class 'Gen Constraint'
  GenConstraint TypeModelFacet. getModelElementSelector ()
          Returns the value of the ' Model Element Selector ' reference
  GenConstraint GenAuditRule. getRule ()
          Returns the value of the ' Rule ' reference
  GenConstraint GenLinkConstraints. getSourceEnd ()
          Returns the value of the ' Source End ' reference
  GenConstraint GenLinkConstraints. getTargetEnd ()
          Returns the value of the ' Target End ' reference

Methods in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen with parameters of type GenConstraint
 void TypeModelFacet. setModelElementSelector ( GenConstraint value)
          Sets the value of the ' Model Element Selector' reference
 void GenAuditRule. setRule ( GenConstraint value)
          Sets the value of the ' Rule' reference
 void GenLinkConstraints. setSourceEnd ( GenConstraint value)
          Sets the value of the ' Source End' reference
 void GenLinkConstraints. setTargetEnd ( GenConstraint value)
          Sets the value of the ' Target End' reference

Uses of GenConstraint in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen.impl

Classes in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen.impl that implement GenConstraint
 class GenConstraintImpl
          An implementation of the model object ' Gen Constraint '

Fields in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen.impl declared as GenConstraint
protected   GenConstraint TypeModelFacetImpl. modelElementSelector
          The cached value of the ' Model Element Selector' reference
protected   GenConstraint GenAuditRuleImpl. rule
          The cached value of the ' Rule' reference
protected   GenConstraint GenLinkConstraintsImpl. sourceEnd
          The cached value of the ' Source End' reference
protected   GenConstraint GenLinkConstraintsImpl. targetEnd
          The cached value of the ' Target End' reference

Methods in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen.impl that return GenConstraint
  GenConstraint TypeModelFacetImpl. basicGetModelElementSelector ()
  GenConstraint GenAuditRuleImpl. basicGetRule ()
  GenConstraint GenLinkConstraintsImpl. basicGetSourceEnd ()
  GenConstraint GenLinkConstraintsImpl. basicGetTargetEnd ()
  GenConstraint GMFGenFactoryImpl. createGenConstraint ()
  GenConstraint TypeModelFacetImpl. getModelElementSelector ()
  GenConstraint GenAuditRuleImpl. getRule ()
  GenConstraint GenLinkConstraintsImpl. getSourceEnd ()
  GenConstraint GenLinkConstraintsImpl. getTargetEnd ()

Methods in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen.impl with parameters of type GenConstraint
 void TypeModelFacetImpl. setModelElementSelector ( GenConstraint newModelElementSelector)
 void GenAuditRuleImpl. setRule ( GenConstraint newRule)
 void GenLinkConstraintsImpl. setSourceEnd ( GenConstraint newSourceEnd)
 void GenLinkConstraintsImpl. setTargetEnd ( GenConstraint newTargetEnd)

Uses of GenConstraint in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen.util

Methods in org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.gmfgen.util with parameters of type GenConstraint
  T GMFGenSwitch. caseGenConstraint ( GenConstraint object)
          Returns the result of interpreting the object as an instance of 'Gen Constraint'

Generation Framework

Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs.

Copyright (c) IBM Corp., Borland Software Corp., and others 2005,2006. All rights reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire