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1. What Is Perl?
2. Course Requisites and Goals
3. Perl References & Resources
4. State of Perl
5. Taste of Perl
6. Storing & Running Perl Programs
7. The Elements
8. Literals & Operators
    9. Loops and I/O
10. Grade Book Example
11. Pipe I/O and System Calls
12. Matching
13. Parsing
14. Simple CGI
15. Testing Perl Programs
16. Common Goofs

3. Perl References and Resources

Picking Up Perl Reference Book Online:

Recommended Books:

Learning Perl (2nd Edition) - Randal L. Schwartz and Tom Phoenix

Probably the best book on the market today for learning Perl. The authors know the topic of Perl in great detail and present the information an amusing and easy to follow style. Every Perl programmer needs a copy of this book on their shelf.

Programming Perl (3rd Edition) - Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, Jon Orwant

No self respecting Perl programmer would be without a copy of this book. For one thing one of the authors is Larry Wall, the genius behind Perl. The book includes information both for seasoned Perl developers and newbies. If you don't have a copy yet we recommend you buy one.

Usenet Newsgroups:

news:comp.lang.perl.announce, news:comp.lang.perl.misc.

The O'Reilly Home for all things related to Perl:

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