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Ruby Programming
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Command Line

irb is run from the command line.

irb [
            ] [
            ] [

The command-line options for irb are listed in Table B.1 on page 518. Typically, you'll run irb with no options, but if you want to run a script and watch the blow-by-blow description as it runs, you can provide the name of the Ruby script and any options for that script.
irb command-line options
Option Description
-f Suppress reading ~/.irbrc.
-m Math mode (fraction and matrix support is available).
-d Set $DEBUG to true (same as ``ruby -d'').
-r load-module Same as ``ruby -r''.
--inspect Use ``inspect'' for output (the default, unless in math mode).
--noinspect Do not use inspect for output.
--readline Use Readline extension module.
--noreadline Do not use Readline extension module.
--prompt prompt-mode Switch prompt mode. Predefined prompt modes are ``default'', ``simple'', ``xmp'', and ``inf-ruby''.
--prompt-mode prompt-mode Same as --prompt.
--inf-ruby-mode Sets up irb to run in inf-ruby-mode under Emacs. Changes the prompt and suppresses --readline.
--simple-prompt Simple prompt mode.
--noprompt Do not display a prompt.
--tracer Display trace for execution of commands.
--back-trace-limit n Display backtrace information using the top n and last n entries. The default value is 16.
--irb_debug n Set internal debug level to n (only for irb development).
-v, --version Print the version of irb.

Ruby Programming
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