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openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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25.2 Configuring NIS Clients

Use the YaST module NIS Client to configure a workstation to use NIS. Select whether the host has a static IP address or receives one issued by DHCP. DHCP can also provide the NIS domain and the NIS server. For information about DHCP, see Section 23.0, DHCP. If a static IP address is used, specify the NIS domain and the NIS server manually. See Figure 25-6. Find makes YaST search for an active NIS server in your whole network. Depending on the size of your local network, this may be a time-consuming process. Broadcast asks for a NIS server in the local network after the specified servers fail to respond.

You can also specify multiple servers by entering their addresses in Addresses of NIS Servers and separating them by spaces.

Depending on your local installation, you may also want to activate the automounter. This option also installs additional software if required.

In the expert settings, disable Answer Remote Hosts if you do not want other hosts to be able to query which server your client is using. By checking Broken Server, the client is enabled to receive replies from a server communicating through an unprivileged port. For further information, see man ypbind.

After you have made your settings, click Finish to save them and return to the YaST control center.

Figure 25-6 Setting Domain and Address of a NIS Server

openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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