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System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems
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SCSI Hot-Plugging With the cfgadm Command (Task Map)



For Instructions

Display information about SCSI devices.

Display information about SCSI controllers and devices.

How to Display Information About SCSI Devices

Unconfigure a SCSI controller.

Unconfigure a SCSI controller.

How to Unconfigure a SCSI Controller

Configure a SCSI controller.

Configure a SCSI controller that was previously unconfigured.

How to Configure a SCSI Controller

Configure a SCSI device.

Configure a specific SCSI device.

How to Configure a SCSI Device

Disconnect a SCSI controller.

Disconnect a specific SCSI controller.

How to Disconnect a SCSI Controller

Connect a SCSI controller.

Connect a specific SCSI controller that was previously disconnected.

SPARC: How to Connect a SCSI Controller

Add a SCSI device to a SCSI bus.

Add a specific SCSI device to a SCSI bus.

SPARC: How to Add a SCSI Device to a SCSI Bus

Replace an identical device on a SCSI controller.

Replace a device on the SCSI bus with another device of the same type.

SPARC: How to Replace an Identical Device on a SCSI Controller

Remove a SCSI device.

Remove a SCSI device from the system.

SPARC: How to Remove a SCSI Device

Troubleshoot SCSI configuration problems.

Resolve a failed SCSI unconfigure operation.

How to Resolve a Failed SCSI Unconfigure Operation

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