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Samba HowTo Guide
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Compiling Samba with Active Directory Support

In order to compile Samba with ADS support, you need to have installed on your system:

  • The MIT or Heimdal Kerberos development libraries (either install from the sources or use a package).

  • The OpenLDAP development libraries.

If your Kerberos libraries are in a nonstandard location, then remember to add the configure option --with-krb5= DIR .

After you run configure, make sure that the include/config.h it generates contain lines like this:

#define HAVE_KRB5 1
#define HAVE_LDAP 1

If it does not, configure did not find your KRB5 libraries or your LDAP libraries. Look in config.log to figure out why and fix it.

Installing the Required Packages for Debian

On Debian, you need to install the following packages:

  • libkrb5-dev

  • krb5-user

Installing the Required Packages for Red Hat Linux

On Red Hat Linux, this means you should have at least:

  • krb5-workstation (for kinit)

  • krb5-libs (for linking with)

  • krb5-devel (because you are compiling from source)

in addition to the standard development environment.

If these files are not installed on your system, you should check the installation CDs to find which has them and install the files using your tool of choice. If in doubt about what tool to use, refer to the Red Hat Linux documentation.

SuSE Linux Package Requirements

SuSE Linux installs Heimdal packages that may be required to allow you to build binary packages. You should verify that the development libraries have been installed on your system.

SuSE Linux Samba RPMs support Kerberos. Please refer to the documentation for your SuSE Linux system for information regarding SuSE Linux specific configuration. Additionally, SuSE is very active in the maintenance of Samba packages that provide the maximum capabilities that are available. You should consider using SuSE-provided packages where they are available.

Samba HowTo Guide
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