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Samba HowTo Guide
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Planning for Success

There are three basic choices for sites that intend to migrate from MS Windows NT4 to Samba-3:

  • Simple conversion (total replacement).

  • Upgraded conversion (could be one of integration).

  • Complete redesign (completely new solution).

Minimize downstream problems by:

  • Taking sufficient time.

  • Avoiding panic.

  • Testing all assumptions.

  • Testing the full roll-out program, including workstation deployment.

Following table lists the conversion choices given the type of migration being contemplated.

Table35.2.Nature of the Conversion Choices

Simple Install Upgrade Decisions Redesign Decisions

Make use of minimal OS-specific features

Translate NT4 features to new host OS features

Improve on NT4 functionality, enhance management capabilities

Move all accounts from NT4 into Samba-3

Copy and improve

Authentication regime (database location and access)

Make least number of operational changes

Make progressive improvements

Desktop management methods

Take least amount of time to migrate

Minimize user impact

Better control of Desktops/Users

Live versus isolated conversion

Maximize functionality

Identify Needs for: Manageability, Scalability, Security, Availability

Integrate Samba-3, then migrate while users are active, then change of control (swap out)

Take advantage of lower maintenance opportunity

Samba HowTo Guide
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