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Samba HowTo Guide
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A Recycle Bin-like module. Where used, unlink calls will be intercepted and files moved to the recycle directory instead of being deleted. This gives the same effect as the Recycle Bin on Windows computers.

The Recycle Bin will not appear in Windows Explorer views of the network file system (share) nor on any mapped drive. Instead, a directory called .recycle will be automatically created when the first file is deleted. Users can recover files from the .recycle directory. If the recycle:keeptree has been specified, deleted files will be found in a path identical with that from which the file was deleted.

Supported options for the recycle module are as follow:


Relative path of the directory where deleted files should be moved.


Specifies whether the directory structure should be kept or if the files in the directory that is being deleted should be kept separately in the recycle bin.


If this option is set, two files with the same name that are deleted will both be kept in the recycle bin. Newer deleted versions of a file will be called “Copy #x of filename ”.


Specifies whether a file's access date should be touched when the file is moved to the recycle bin.


Specifies whether a file's last modify date date should be touched when the file is moved to the recycle bin.


Files that are larger than the number of bytes specified by this parameter will not be put into the recycle bin.


List of files that should not be put into the recycle bin when deleted, but deleted in the regular way.


Contains a list of directories. When files from these directories are deleted, they are not put into the recycle bin but are deleted in the regular way.


Specifies a list of paths (wildcards such as * and ? are supported) for which no versioning should be used. Only useful when recycle:versions is enabled.

Samba HowTo Guide
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