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Samba HowTo Guide
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The page_log File Syntax

These are the items CUPS logs in the page_log for every page of a job:

  • Printer name

  • User name

  • Job ID

  • Time of printing

  • Page number

  • Number of copies

  • A billing information string (optional)

  • The host that sent the job (included since version 1.1.19)

Here is an extract of my CUPS server's page_log file to illustrate the format and included items:

tec_IS2027 kurt 401 [22/Apr/2003:10:28:43 +0100] 1 3 #marketing
tec_IS2027 kurt 401 [22/Apr/2003:10:28:43 +0100] 2 3 #marketing
tec_IS2027 kurt 401 [22/Apr/2003:10:28:43 +0100] 3 3 #marketing
tec_IS2027 kurt 401 [22/Apr/2003:10:28:43 +0100] 4 3 #marketing
Dig9110 boss 402 [22/Apr/2003:10:33:22 +0100] 1 440 finance-dep

This was job ID 401 , printed on tec_IS2027 by user kurt , a 64-page job printed in three copies, billed to #marketing , and sent from IP address The next job had ID 402 , was sent by user boss from IP address, printed from one page 440 copies, and is set to be billed to finance-dep .

Samba HowTo Guide
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