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25.2. Credits

The quickest way to be added to this nice list is to send bug fixes, corrections, and/or updates to me ;-).

If you want to do a major review, you can use the native LyX file (see original source) and send diffs against it, because diffs against SGML don't help too much.

25.2.1. Major credits

  • David Ranch <dranch at trinnet dot net>: For encouraging me to write this HOWTO, his editorial comments on the first few revisions, and his contributions to various IPv6 testing results on my IPv6 web site. Also for his major reviews and suggestions.

  • Pekka Savola <pekkas at netcore dot fi>: For major reviews, input and suggestions.

  • Martin F. Krafft <madduck at madduck dot net>: For grammar checks and general reviewing of the document.

  • John Ronan <j0n at tssg dot wit dot ie>: For grammar checks.

  • Georg K�fer <gkaefer at gmx dot at>: For detection of no proper PDF creation (fixed now by LDP maintainer Greg Ferguson), input for German books, big list of URLs, checking all URLs, many more suggestions, corrections and contributions, and the German translation

  • Michel Boucey <mboucey at free dot fr>: Finding typos and some broken URLs, contribute some suggestions and URLs, and the French translation

  • Michele Ferritto <m dot ferritto at virgilio dot it>: Finding bugs and the Italian translation

  • Daniel Roesen <dr at cluenet dot de>: For grammar checks

  • Benjamin Thery <benjamin dot thery at bull dot net>: For contribution of updated mobility section

25.2.2. Other credits Document technique related

Writing a LDP HOWTO as a newbie (in LyX and exporting this to DocBook to conform to SGML) isn't as easy as some people say. There are some strange pitfalls... Nevertheless, thanks to: Content related credits

Credits for fixes and hints are listed here, will grow sure in the future

  • S .P. Meenakshi <meena at cs dot iitm dot ernet dot in>: For a hint using a "send mail" shell program on tcp_wrapper/hosts.deny

  • Frank Dinies <FrankDinies at web dot de>: For a bugfix on IPv6 address explanation

  • John Freed <jfreed at linux-mag dot com>: For finding a bug in IPv6 multicast address explanation

  • Craig Rodrigues <crodrigu at bbn dot com>: For suggestion about RHL IPv6 setup

  • Fyodor <fyodor at insecure dot org>: Note me about outdated nmap information

  • Mauro Tortonesi <mauro at deepspace6 dot net>: For some suggestions

  • Tom Goodale <goodale at aei-potsdam dot mpg dot de>: For some suggestions

  • Martin Luemkemann <mluemkem at techfak dot uni-bielefeld dot de>: For a suggestion

  • Jean-Marc V. Liotier <jim at jipo dot com>: Finding a bug

  • Yaniv Kaul <ykaul at checkpoint dot com>: Finding a bug

  • Arnout Engelen <arnouten at bzzt dot net>: For sending note about a draft was adopted to RFC now

  • Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at nic dot fr>: Contributing persistent configuration on Debian

  • lithis von saturnsys <lithis at saturnsys dot com>: Reporting a misaddressed URL

  • Guy Hulbert <gwhulbert at rogers dot com>: Send a note that RFC1924 is probably an April fool's joke

  • Tero Pelander <tpeland at tkukoulu dot fi>: Reporting a broken URL

  • Walter Jontofsohn <wjontof at gmx dot de>: Hints for SuSE Linux 8.0/8.1

  • Benjamin Hofstetter <benjamin dot hofstetter at netlabs dot org>: Reporting a mispointing URL

  • J.P. Larocque <piranha at ely dot ath dot cx>: Reporting archive URL for maillist users at ipv6 dot org

  • Jorrit Kronjee <jorrit at wafel dot org>: Reporting broken URLs

  • Colm MacCarthaigh <colm dot maccarthaigh at heanet dot ie>: Hint for sendfile issue on Apache2

  • Tiago Camilo <tandre at ipg dot pt>: Contribute some URLs about Mobile IPv6

  • Harald Geiger: Reporting a bug in how described the bit counting of the universal/global bit

  • Bjoern Jacke <bjoern at j3e dot de>: Triggered me to fix some outdated information on xinetd

  • Christoph Egger <cegger at chrrr dot com>: Sending note about "ip" has problems with IPv4-compatible addresses on SuSE Linux 9.0 and trigger to add a hint on 6to4-radvd example

  • David Lee Haw Ling <hawling at singnet dot com dot sg>: Sending information about a tunnel broker

  • Michael H. Warfield <mhw at iss dot net>: Sending note about suffix for 6to4 routers

  • Tomasz Mrugalski <thomson at klub dot com dot pl>: Sending updates for DHCPv6 section

  • Jan Minar <jjminar at fastmail dot fm>: Reporting minor bugs

  • Kalin KOZHUHAROV <kalin at tar dot bz>: Fixing a not so well explanation

  • Roel van Dijk <rdvdijk at planet dot nl>: Reporting broken URLs

  • Catalin Muresan <catalin dot muresan at astral dot ro>: Reporting minor bugs

  • Dennis van Dok <dvandok at quicknet dot nl>: Reporting minor bugs

  • Necdet Yucel <nyucel at comu dot edu dot tr>: Reporting broken URLs

  • Bryan Vukich: Reporting a broken URL

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire