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Xen 3.0 Virtualization User Guide
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A.1 Building Xen with VT support

The following packages need to be installed in order to build Xen with VT support. Some Linux distributions do not provide these packages by default.

Package Description
dev86 The dev86 package provides an assembler and linker for real mode 80x86 instructions. You need to have this package installed in order to build the BIOS code which runs in (virtual) real mode.

If the dev86 package is not available on the x86_64 distribution, you can install the i386 version of it. The dev86 rpm package for various distributions can be found at

LibVNCServer The unmodified guest's VGA display, keyboard, and mouse are virtualized using the vncserver library provided by this package. You can get the sources of libvncserver from Build and install the sources on the build system to get the libvncserver library. The 0.8pre version of libvncserver is currently working well with Xen.
SDL-devel, SDL Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is another way of virtualizing the unmodified guest console. It provides an X window for the guest console.

If the SDL and SDL-devel packages are not installed by default on the build system, they can be obtained from ,

Xen 3.0 Virtualization User Guide
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