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Managing Debian Software with APT (apt-get etc)
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Chapter 9 - Credits

A big thank you goes out to my great friends in the Debian-BR project, and in Debian itself, who are a constant help to me and always give me the strength to continue working for humanity's benefit, as well as helping me with my goal of saving the world. :)

I also want to thank the CIPSGA for the enormous help it has given to our project and to all the free projects that spring from great ideas.

And special thanks to:

Yooseong Yang <[email protected]>

Michael Bramer <[email protected]>

Bryan Stillwell <[email protected]>

Pawel Tecza <[email protected]>

Hugo Mora <[email protected]>

Luca Monducci <[email protected]>

Tomohiro KUBOTA <[email protected]>

Pablo Lorenzzoni <[email protected]>

Steve Langasek <[email protected]>

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <[email protected]>

Erik Rossen <[email protected]>

Ross Boylan <[email protected]>

Matt Kraai <[email protected]>

Aaron M. Ucko <[email protected]>

Jon Åslund <[email protected]>

Managing Debian Software with APT (apt-get etc)
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