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Back: autoheader process
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Up: Generated File Dependencies
FastForward: Autoconf Macro Reference
Top: Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool
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C.3 automake and libtoolize

automake will call libtoolize to generate some extra files if the macro `AC_PROG_LIBTOOL' is used in `'. If it is not present then automake will install `config.guess' and `config.sub' by itself.

libtoolize can also be run manually if desired; automake will only run libtoolize automatically if `' and `ltconfig' are missing.

user input files   optional input   processes          output files
================   ==============   =========          ============

                                     |        | - - -> COPYING
                                     |        | - - -> INSTALL
                                     |        |------> install-sh
                                     |        |------> missing
                                     |automake|------> mkinstalldirs ----------------------->|        |  ----------------------->|        |------>
                                     |        |------>
                                 .---+        | - - -> config.guess
                                 |   |        | - - -> config.sub
                                 |   `------+-'
                                 |          | - - - -> config.guess
                                 |libtoolize| - - - -> config.sub
                                 |          |-------->
                                 |          |--------> ltconfig

The versions of `config.guess' and `config.sub' installed differ between releases of Automake and Libtool, and might be different depending on whether libtoolize is used to install them or not. Before releasing your own package you should get the latest versions of these files from, in case there have been changes since releases of the GNU Autotools.

This document was generated by Gary V. Vaughan on February, 8 2006 using texi2html

  Published under the terms of the Open Publication License Design by Interspire