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As with Oracle 8, be sure to have libc6-dev installed as without it some executables in orahome/bin/ will not be created properly as they require appropriate header files from /usr/include/. You may also need to ensure you have at least binutils version installed (this may apply only to Oracle 8).

It seems that the DISPLAY environment variable might need to be set, as in:

  export DISPLAY=":0.0"

The symptom is that the installer will complain about not being able to determine if the monitor is able to display colors.

The "runInstaller" can be executed as root (although, it halts saying that you can't run this as root), but when run as oracle you get an error "./runInstaller: line 83: 3808 Segmentation fault $CMDDIR/install/runInstaller ${NONRAC_OPTION} $*". The solution is to add the oracle user to the root group, and it should work.

When trying to log into iSQLPlus (SQLPlus web interface) you may get an error "ERROR - ORA-12162: TNS:net service name is incorrectly specified". When you start iSQLPlus, the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables need to be set properly:

  isqlplusctl stop
  isqlplusctl start

Jay Strauss pointed out a problem when setting the NLS_DATE_FORMAT in the init.ora. After a couple of days the date format slips back to the oracle default date format. It is fixed when you restart oracle.

Augustin Vidovic found a problem with segmentation faults when he did not have any swap enabled on his machine (even with a machine with 1.5G of memory). He received the message:

  ./runInstaller: line 81:  6645 Segmentation fault
  $CMDDIR/install/runInstaller -oneclick

The Oracle 10g installer needs a swap file. On his 1.5G machine he did not have a need for swap and so did not have a swap. After adding a swapfile the runInstall ran! After installing, you can remove the swap file!

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