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Duplicate Audio CD Using cdrdao

To directly record an audio CD (or a data CD) using one device and employing cdrdao, the simplest command is:

  $ cdrdao copy

See Section 14.2.1 for details of setting up cdrdao.

You'll be asked to insert a new CD-R (or CD-RW) once the reading is complete and it is ready to write.

If you have both a CD drive (or perhaps a DVD drive) and a CD writer then you can use cdrdao to record direct from the reader to the writer, assuming the appropriate options for the write_device and read_device are recored in the appropriate configuration file (see Section 14.2.1):

  $ cdrdao copy

To do a copy step-by-step, specifying the device and driver explicitly for cdrdao you can do the following:

  $ cdrdao read-cd   --device 0,1,0 --driver generic-mmc audiocd.toc
  $ cdrdao read-cddb --device 0,1,0 --driver generic-mmc audiocd.toc
  $ cdrdao write     --device 0,1,0 --driver generic-mmc audiocd.toc

The read-cddb command will look up the CDDB database on the Internet to find track information for the audio CD and generates a suitable table of contents that will be written to the CD-R if the CD writer supports CD-TEXT.

To just create a table of contents for an audio disk:

  $ cdrdao read-toc --device 0,1,0 --driver generic-mmc audiocd.toc

To add CD-TEXT to the TOC from CDDB (not supported on many CD writers, including the LG)

  $ cdrdao read-cddb --device 0,1,0 --driver generic-mmc audiocd.toc

The cd image is assumed to be in data.wav. Read the image (this command from gcdmaster):

  $ cdrdao read-cd --remote -v0 --read-raw --device 0,1,0 
                   --driver generic-mmc --paranoia-mode 3 
                   --datafile audiocd.bin  audiocd.toc

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  Published under the terms fo the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire