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Eclipse Web Tools Guide
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Package org.eclipse.jst.server.core

Support for Java and J2EE server types.


Interface Summary
IApplicationClientModule A J2EE application client module.
IConnectorModule A J2EE connector module.
IEJBModule A representation of a J2EE EJB module.
IEnterpriseApplication A representation of a J2EE enterprise application (EAR file).
IJ2EEModule A J2EE module that can be deployed to a server.
IJavaRuntime An interface for a server that contains a Java runtime.
IJavaRuntimeWorkingCopy An interface for a server that contains a Java runtime.
IUtilityModule A J2EE utility module that can be deployed to a server.
IWebModule A J2EE web module.

Class Summary
ClasspathRuntimeTargetHandler Deprecated. Should use org.eclipse.jst.server.core.runtimeClasspathProviders extension point instead
EJBBean An EJB bean.
FacetUtil Utility class for converting between facet runtimes and server runtimes.
JndiLaunchable A representation of an object in JNDI that can be tested on a server.
JndiObject A representation of an object in JNDI that can be tested on a server.
PublishUtil Utility class with an assortment of useful file methods.
RuntimeClasspathProviderDelegate A runtime classpath provider provides the classpath for a Java server runtime.
ServerProfilerDelegate A server profiler delegate.
Servlet A J2EE Servlet.

Package org.eclipse.jst.server.core Description

Support for Java and J2EE server types.

The ClasspathRuntimeTargetHandler class provides a common subclass for runtime target handlers that need to modify a project's classpath when a project is targetted to a particular runtime.

IGenericRuntime and its working copy provide type-specific access to the generic runtime type. When using a generic runtime, clients can access the type specific information by adapting to these types using

IGenericRuntime gr = (IGenericRuntime) runtime.getAdapter(IGenericRuntime.class)
. GenericRuntimeUtil contains some utility methods for handling the generic runtime type.

IEnterpriseApplication, IEJBModule, IWebModule, IApplicationClientModule, and IConnectorModule are J2EE module interfaces meant to be implemented by module delegates that provide J2EE module support.

ILooseArchive and ILooseArchiveSupport are module interfaces for modules that take advantage of loose archive support - allowing JARs contained within the module to be available in a separate Java project instead of directly within the module.

The remainder of the classes in this package are module artifact and launchable types to provide access to J2EE resource types for the server tool framework.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire