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Eclipse Web Tools Guide
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J2EE Validators

This table lists the validators that are available for the different project types and gives a brief description of each validator.

Validator name Description
Application Client Validator The Application Client Validator validates the following Application Client project resources:
  • Deployment descriptor (application-client.xml)
  • EJB references
  • Resource references
Connector Validator The Connector validator checks for invalid J2EE specification levels in connector projects.
DTD Validator The DTD validator determines whether the current state of a DTD is semantically valid. XML files are validated according to the XML specification Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 from the W3C Web site. As well, the DTD validator checks for errors such as references to entities and elements that do not exist.
EAR Validator The EAR Validator validates the following:
  • EAR deployment descriptor (application.xml)
  • EJB references of all module projects in the enterprise application project
  • Security roles
  • Resource references
  • Manifest files for all contained or referenced modules and utility JAR files
  • Target server consistency between the enterprise application project and any utility and module projects
  • Existence of projects for each module defined in enterprise application

Note that the EAR Validator only ensures the validity and dependency of the module projects with respect to the enterprise application project.

EJB Validator The EJB Validator verifies that enterprise beans contained in an EJB project comply with the Sun Enterprise JavaBeans™ Specifications (1.1, 2.0, and 2.1), depending on the level of the bean. Code validation for the EJB 1.0 specification is not supported. Specifically, the EJB Validator validates the following resources:
  • Java™ .class files that are members of an enterprise bean (home interface, remote interface, enterprise bean class, and, if the bean is an entity bean, the key class)
  • ejb-jar.xml
EL Syntax Validator  
HTML Syntax Validator The HTML Syntax Validator validates HTML basic syntax and HTML DTD compliance in the following Web project resources:
  • HTML files
  • JSP files
JSP Syntax Validator The JSP Syntax Validator validates JSP files in a project by translating them into the corresponding Java code and then checking the Java code for compile errors.
War Validator The War Validator validates the following web project resources:
  • Deployment descriptor (web.xml)
  • Servlets
  • Security roles
  • Servlet & servlet mappings
  • EJB references
WSDL Validator The WSDL validator checks the following in WSDL files:
  • XML syntax
  • XML Schema types in the <types> section
  • Referential integrity of the various constructs in WSDL
The validator also includes an extension point to allow other validators to be plugged into the WSDL validation to provide additional verification of the WSDL file. Through this mechanism, interoperability is checked by validating a WSDL file against WS-I Profiles.
WS-I Message Validator WS-I Message validator checks SOAP messages against WS-I Profiles. A user can capture and verify SOAP messages using the TCP/IP Monitor. The validator checks a message log that is saved as a project resource (.wsimsg). The log conforms to a format as specified by WS-I.
XML Schema Validator The XML schema validator determines whether the current state of an XML schema file is semantically valid. XML schemas are validated according to the XML Schema specification XML Schema Part 1: Structures from the W3C Web site.
XML Validator The XML validator ensures that an XML file is well-formed. It also verifies if an XML file is valid - that is, it follows the constraints established in the DTD or XML schema the XML file is associated with.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire