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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Remote Help

What is remote help?

The help system provides the ability to retrieve content, not only from plug-ins installed in the local instance of Eclipse, but also from one or more remote servers running help in infocenter mode. This allows products to ship without help content and provide it from a server to reduce their download and install size. It also allows user the ability to include help content from plug-ins not installed in their environment.

How does remote help work?

Content from the remote help servers is merged seamlessly with the local content. There will be no difference perceptible to the user other than potential network delays. This is done by adding a second implementation of AbstractTocProvider called RemoteTocProvider that supplies the content from the remote help server alongside the local TocFileProvider. For performance reasons, where both are available, local content will be supplied rather than remote content.

How do I setup a remote help server?

All you have to do to setup a remote help server is run the help system (version 3.3 or later) in infocenter mode.

How do I access a remote help server?

A remote help server can be specified in two ways as follows:

  • Product customization: There are 6 options that can be included in the plugin_customization.ini file to setup remote help defaults. They are remoteHelpOn, remoteHelpHost, remoteHelpPath, remoteHelpPort, remoteHelpName, remoteHelpICEnabled..
  • Help Content preferences: There is a preference page that allows users to configure remote help server settings manually.

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